SOUL Spotlight: Jeanne and Betty

Supporting Our University Leaders (SOUL) Mentorship Program, initially launched in 2009, is a student-run program unique to YWiB SFU. SOUL connects driven business professionals from various industries with ambitious SFU students. Each pairing is matched based on the personal and professional career aspirations of the student to foster an educational mentorship.  

Jeanne & Betty
Jeanne & Betty

Meet Betty Jin (left), YWiB SFU's former president, with her mentor Jeanne Towe, the Recruitment Partner from BC Hydro. Together, they shared their experience with the SOUL Mentorship Program in the 2014/2015 year and why they feel it's a beneficial program that all students should take advantage of.

How would you describe your experiences and memories with SOUL?

J: I have been a YWiB SOUL mentor for quite a few years, and have learned something new every year from my mentees.  One of the greatest experiences for me is seeing mentees work towards their goals and develop more confidence in themselves.  I have many happy memories with SOUL and I hope to continue making more memories with this program for years to come!

B: I was new to the SOUL program and my experience has been fantastic. As a new mentee, I received the support and briefing that I needed to prepare for my mentorship relationship. The program coordinators planned events throughout the year, which allowed my mentor and me to explore new things together, as well as meet other mentors and mentees. The time commitment was very manageable; in fact, my mentor and I didn’t even realize it when the program had come to an official end (we were having too much fun)!

Which SOULcial did you enjoy the most?

J: Chocolate tasting!  Because I love chocolate, and I enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the event.

B: The chocolate tasting social was my favorite. I’ve never seen so many different kinds of chocolate in my life so it was definitely an eye-opener.

What are some things that you have taken away from being a part of SOUL?

J: Being a part of SOUL has taught me the value of sharing experiences and lessons learned with others, the importance of being a good listener, and the joy of building new relationships.  It has reminded me to challenge myself, be confident in my decisions and set my own goals too, the same way that I hope my mentees do too.

B: I remember my mentor, Jeanne, explaining to me the concept of “people may not remember what you’ve said or done, but they will remember how you made them feel.” – I may have heard it in different forms before but it really stuck with me that time. Since that moment of clarity, I always try to stay aware of the kinds of impact that my actions and words might have on others. Now I make a conscious choice to turn every experience into a positive one.

What are your favourite activities to do with each other?

J: EAT EAT EAT!  I love that Betty likes to try new restaurants with me!  :)

B: Eat, talk, and repeat! I love how Jeanne always has a long list of restaurants for us to try!

What personality traits do you like about each other?

J: Betty is hardworking, takes initiative, always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude, is a great listener, and is empathetic towards others around her.  I think all of those qualities have enabled Betty to reach where is she is today (and will lead her to many great things beyond graduation!)

B: Jeanne has an amazing personality. As a mentor, she has always been there for me. She is such a great listener – even during the times when I got confused about what I tried to express. I’ve always felt intimidated towards the idea of meeting successful, sharp looking people who’s got things together, but Jeanne has been approachable, humble, and relate-able, so I always felt comfortable talking to her and asking her for advice.