We’re Hiring!

Apply today to become a part of the International Women’s Day Gala 2018 Organizing Committee.

The Young Women in Business (YWiB) Chapter at SFU was founded in 2009 under the umbrella of the larger YWiB Network. The programs and events hosted by YWiB SFU are focused around YWiB’s core values through mentorship, networking and facilitated growth. YWiB SFU is continuously evolving and we are excited to announce that our annual International Women’s Day (IWD) Event is entering its 8th year.

As any success story involves a journey, this year’s Gala will provide inspiration for the direction people may wish to pursue in their respective careers as well as remind everyone that achievements are important but the journey that we take is what matters in the end. Similar to a compass, the hopes for this Gala will be that it gives people a chance to re-centre to continue their journey through school, work, or life in general. The mission is to give delegates an opportunity to hear experiences and through that, be able to take away new knowledge and insight!   

YWiB SFU is now recruiting for our new IWD Coordinator positions to add skills and energy to our 2017/2018 Executive Team! We are looking for individuals who are dynamic and dedicated in helping us continue our success. We invite you to join our passionate team and build your story.


Responsibilities for ALL Roles |

All members of the YWiB SFU Executive Team are responsible for:

❖ Learning the YWiB SFU culture, adhering to all policies and procedures as outlined by the greater YWiB network, and being an advocate of the brand

❖ Committing to your role from September to April 1, 2018 for IWD OC positions by actively attending scheduled meetings and performing dedicated tasks

❖ Participating in a collaborative, inclusive, and team-oriented environment to maximize the benefits and experiences for our YWiB SFU members

❖ Providing leadership in your role by staying accountable and honest to yourself, the YWiB SFU Executive Team, our members, and our community partners

❖ Committing to active self-reflection and providing constructive criticism whenever appropriate to ensure that our team continues to grow and to improve


Opportunities |

This year, we are introducing new IWD 2018 Coordinator positions:

Corporate Relations Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Speaker Coordinator


Eligibility |

❖ All SFU students are invited to apply

❖ Although an asset, it is not mandatory to have prior experience with YWiB SFU


Important Dates |

August 21st ~ Applications open at 11:59PM

September 5th ~ Applications due at 11:59PM

September 6th ~ Shortlisted candidates invited for a CandiDATE

September 6th - September 12th ~ CandiDATEs take place

September 13th ~ Coordinators selected & emailed

September 4th ~ Coordinators announced via YWiB SFU website and social media/orientation


Application |

Please complete the following application package requirements in the order below, and save the package as a PDF in the format “FirstnameLastname_Position.pdf” (for example: “KellyDinh_IWDChair.pdf”). Your total application should be no more than 4 pages (2 for your cover letter and 2 for your resume).


Application Package Requirements:

1. Cover Letter – Answer the following questions in full:

a. Why would you like to be a member of the YWiB SFU IWD organizing committee (how would you like to grow with us)?

b. What relevant skills/strengths do you bring to the role you are applying to?

c. What are your upcoming commitments for the 2016/2017 year (work, school, other extracurriculars, etc.)?

2. Resume – Be sure to include one reference and his/her contact information at the end of your resume.

You may apply to more than one role, so please submit a separate Application Package for each role you are applying to. Send your complete applications with the subject line “YWiB SFU Coordinator Application” by September 5th 2017 @ 11:59PM to the IWD Chair Kelly Dinh at kelly.dinh@ywib.ca.


Selection Process |

Don’t fret about the formality of an “interview.” As part of the YWiB culture, we just want to hear your story over a cup of coffee – what we like to call a CandiDATE! We look forward to meeting with you to see how your passions align with YWiB SFU.

Please note that, if shortlisted, you must be available for a CandiDATE during September 6th to September 12th. You will be contacted and asked to submit your availability to determine your CandiDATE date, time, and location.


Questions |

If you have any questions about the application process or the description of roles, please contact Kelly Dinh. We look forward to receiving your application!