A conversation with Nadine Guimond

Being a young professional in today's working world is challenging, but it's easier when you have mentors and people who encourage you to dream big and go after what you want. I spoke with Nadine Guimond of Tangerine Bank to talk about importance of having a community of supportive women, and words of wisdom she shares with young professionals.  

How did the partnership between Tangerine and Young Women in Business start? Was it a long process? 

The partnership between Tangerine and Young Women in Business, Toronto Chapter was a natural fit. We had already been supporting the Vancouver Chapter as part of our #BrightWayForward community investment and sponsorship program that works to inspire self-esteem, teamwork and leadership, and encourage a sense of belonging and acceptance. I was first introduced to Miranda McKie, President of the Toronto Chapter, via email by a Vancouver colleague toward the end of 2015. When I met with Miranda in early 2016, she was very inspiring. She shared some of her personal challenges while launching her career and how she overcame obstacles to the point of being motivated to build a community of support for other young women embarking on their careers or entrepreneurship. I was quite excited about her plan to bring Young Women in Business to Ontario. It was a pleasure to support and be a part of the inaugural conference on March 26th.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Tangerine? 

My role at Tangerine is Community Lead for our Ontario physical locations. At Tangerine we’re committed to helping Canadians live better lives by empowering them to make smarter decisions with their hard-earned money. Part of my job is to create opportunities for people to learn about this approach and see what we’re all about, ranging from organizing our presence at trade shows to hosting workshops and seminars. My favourite aspect of the role is helping to activate our #BrightWayForward platform by working with community groups and charity organizations.

Why do you think it's important for an organization such as Young Women in Business to be existing? Specifically now?

It’s important for an organization such as Young Women in Business to exist to help eliminate the barriers that still exist for women so they can achieve success and reach their full potential. Young Women in Business helps overcome these barriers by creating opportunities for women in the community to learn and be inspired by one another.

What is something you want people to takeaway after attending a Young Women in Business conference? 

Important takeaways for attending any type of conference is to know going in what you’d like to get out of it. For example, if you set an intention of connecting with someone new or to chat one-on-one with a guest speaker to ask a specific question, you’re more likely to move beyond your comfort zone to make it happen. It’s also good to put into practice what you’ve learned soon after attending, or to share what you learned in order to help retain the new knowledge.

Any special career  tips you like to share with people? 

Dream big, imagine the life you wish to achieve. Work on a plan and gradually build the skills you need to make it happen. It may not happen right away, but don’t get discouraged, spend time developing yourself in such a way that helps you achieve more happiness, fulfillment and success.

What is most important thing you've learned throughout your career as a woman in a corporate business environment? 

The most important thing I’ve learned as a woman in a corporate business environment is to tap into community-building opportunities within the workplace. At Tangerine, these opportunities include a weekly Toastmasters meeting, group mentoring through our Women in Leadership program as well as regular volunteer opportunities. Having a sense of community and the ability to connect with others on topics that are not necessarily work-related has allowed me to thrive.

Thank you Nadine and the whole Tangerine family for their continued support of YWiB Toronto! We couldn't do this without you!