Questions to ask yourself about your personal brand

Last week I was presented with the opportunity to venture to NATIONAL's Front Street office to learn more about building my personal brand, a workshop through their National Exchange, thought-leadership initiative. The workshop was fantastic, and I came away with some really great insights about building a personal brand, and taking your current one to the next level. As young women in business, this is a vital skill, especially in the Marketing, PR and Communications industries. Be Future Ready was presented by Kim West and Joanna Wilson of NATIONAL. Here are some questions to start asking yourself as you begin to build your personal brand:

Do you want to define your own brand, or do you want someone to define it for you?

The answer SHOULD be that you want to define your own brand. If you don't, someone else will do it for you, and it may not be true to your authentic self.

What do you want to be known for?

This is the biggest question I ask myself as I move forward in my career, where do I see myself, what do I want to accomplish? How do I want others to see me?

What do other people describe me as?

The team at NATIONAL suggested that every year you should aim to go for coffee with three people in your organization. Someone senior to you, someone junior to you and someone who you have differing opinions with. Ask them how they would describe you and the work you are doing to provide feedback and insight into the person others perceive you as.

What is your speciality?

I struggle with this question, A LOT. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. What sets me apart? What skills do I have that no one else does? Does my speciality have to be a hard skill like graphic design, or can it be a soft skill such as collaboration?

What can you brag about?

I, and many other young women in my life, find it difficult to talk about ourselves, because we are afraid of bragging. But, your personal brand is all about what sets you apart, what makes you and your story bragworthy. Ask your friends what sets you apart, what amazing skill or quality are they jealous of?

Where can I add value?

You can ask yourself this question, but also those around you. Ask your co-workers how you can add value to them, or to the company. Ask yourself how you can add value to your personal life, or personal goals.

Stay tuned for a future Personal Branding Workshop with Young Women in Business, Toronto - COMING SOON!