Entrepreneur Panel: Rachel Bartholomew, Managing Director at CyberNorth Ventures

Rachel Bartholomew is the Managing Partner at CyberNorth Ventures, and the Founder of The Mod Market. She is passionate about supporting and growing entrepreneurship, new product development and technological innovation. She has completed her Bachelors of Business Administration from York University with honours in Management of Technology. She then pursued her Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo. Rachel is currently in the process of completing her Chartered Investment Manager designation with the Canadian Securities Institute. At CyberNorth Ventures, Rachel is in charge of investment decisions, scouting great technology companies and getting to their business inside and out. Over at The Mod Market, Rachel currently runs a team of 6 programmers developing out a 3D/Virtual Reality software aftermarket automotive industry uses to showcase modifications on vehicles using brand name parts.

Rachel has another passion besides the tech industry. She has been involved in competitive motorcross racing since the age of 12! She has raced across North America, but due to an injury, she switched over to car racing and has been doing that for about 7 years. She also showcases her musical side by producing minimal techno music.

Rachel has two biggest accomplishments. The first is being able to provide guidance as an entrepreneurial advisor at the University of Waterloo and through her role at CyberNorth Ventures. Her second is the ability to be a leader in all her hobbies and careers that are all male dominated. Having the courage to build up a thick skin in both the tech and motorcross industry, while staying true and honest to herself has been a huge accomplishment Rachel would like to pass on to other people. So why Young Women in Business? Rachel states, “If we cannot help them get off the ground, how else are we going to have more women presenting investment opportunities to me? They are few and far between, and Young Women in Business helps gather a network of women who can really help them succeed while providing great mentorship and support opportunities.”