Entrepreneur Panel: Rachel Paulter, Inbound Marketing at Chalk.com

Rachel Pautler is an entrepreneur at heart. With a background in Nanotechnology Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Rachel has a diverse background with startup companies that have inspired her over the years. She is currently an Inbound Marketer at Chalk.com, an app that helps teachers and schools organize their classrooms and lesson plans more quickly and efficiently. Rachel spends most of her time absorbing and creating content for blog posts, eBooks, and webinars. The rest of her time is spent analyzing how the product works and speaks with users on how to make the product even better. Rachel is also involved in an organization called Hacking Health in Kitchener-Waterloo, a community designed to connect healthcare professionals to entrepreneur’s to help create medical technology that actually works. Rachel has previously been involved in a startup company called Suncayr, where she was one of the co-founders. This has been a significant accomplishment for Rachel because of her role of Business Developer, she was also involved in the technical development of the product. Although she has moved on to different projects, the team at Suncayr is currently working on getting their product onto store shelves soon!

Rachel likes to encourage young women in business to pursue careers that they might have never thought was possible. She states, “Giving women a place to meet others pursuing business provides them with a phenomenal support system and confidence that they can pursue their dreams.”