February Networking Event Recap

I started my adventure of finding my true self after stepping on the Canadian land three and a half years ago with all the unknown and uncertainty.  As a newcomer and immigrant, finding a community and also that sense of belonging is significant to me. Through my time in Toronto, I have been volunteering in quite a few women-focused Non-Profit Organizations, however, no matter how great the event experience was, there was still something missing.


Until recently as an unexpected opportunity, I joined Young Women in Business (Toronto Chapter - YWiB) as the Programs Manager. After attending a few networking events and team meetings, I realized that this was the genuine and authentic connection I was missing. YWiB assembled this puzzle piece for me.

We recently conducted our first 2019 networking event in February which turned out to be a huge success. There were about 35 bright young women who joined us for a night of mingle and networking. The event took place at the Open House, a cozy crafted beer bar on Bloor Street West. With the assistance from YWiB team members, the ambiance was warm enough that our guests easily ease into the networking session.

To make this experience a memorable one, Zenia our Social Media Coordinator wonderfully facilitated a special session by asking attendees to write down three things that they would like to share/discuss with others at the event. It was such a great way to break the ice and quickly allow everyone to engage with others they met the first time.


I got an opportunity to talk to one of the attendees and exchanged questions. It was her first YWiB event experience, and she was completely amazed by the positive energy in the room and very happy that she had this opportunity to build rapports with like-minded women.

Towards the end of the event, we witnessed how amazing and responsive our attendees were! Our team received overwhelmingly positive words of encouragement  from them. What a way to end an event! We truly appreciate the acknowledgement and feedback from each of our attendees and members.

As a young organization, YWiB still has a lot of growing need to be done. However, as a team, we are full of hope because we have the things that we need to succeed -  a clear mission and a group of women who are dedicated to lift each other up and make a difference.

If you are passionate about growing professionally, advancing in your career while belonging to a wonderful community, I welcome you to join our next event or simply check out our website as we are currently hiring! Don’t hesitate and be afraid, Why wait? NOW is the time to work, change, and make an impact.

For a visual recap of the event, follow the link to our Facebook Album

Written by: Daisy Gao