Introducing: #CelebratingUs

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Success doesn’t happen overnight, nor in isolation. Each of us had mentors, champions, friends, family members,and advocates. Those that, at one point or another inspired us, propelled us, and helped us move forward. We have also played that role for others. We have lent a sympathetic ear, have helped others in tough times. We have assisted & motivated each other as we work in the long path of becoming the best version of ourselves.

To recognize these efforts during March, we will be marking International Women’s month in a unique way. We will be #CelebratingUs: Us as women, collaborators, trailblazers, initiators, community builders. Us as leaders, professionals, as advocates for ourselves, and of each other.

Why Celebrating Us? Because although some progress has been made towards true gender equality, equity, and inclusion, we know there’s still much work to be done. We also know that until we get there, we need to continue to focus on the role community had, has, and will have as we move forward. Because women in the forefront as well as the unsung heroes behind the scenes had, have and will have a role to play. With #CelebratingUs we aim to celebrate the diverse tapestry that makes Toronto so rich, strong, and layered. A diversity that we’re happy to reflect within our YWiB community!

Thus, we at YWiB Toronto ask you to join us in #CelebratingUs. Celebrating the entrepreneurs that lift up themselves up so they can lift others also. Because they know the power of community beats solitary girl bossing any time of day. The ambitious newcomers who have left their homes, families and comforts to find a better future in Toronto. It isn’t easy here and we appreciate the efforts you make.

Celebrating the established professionals and leaders who have opened doors and advocated for others. We know that mentoring and championing takes compassion, honesty and time, and we recognize everything they do to lift other women up, and help them find their voice.

Celebrating the women in between jobs or careers, because we know it’s tough there and it takes courage and guts to keep focused in what often feels like a lonely road; please know that you’re not alone. The savvy and not so savvy networkers that know that relationship building takes time and effort, because authentic connections are better than starting your own business card collection.

We invite you to use the hashtag #CelebratingUs this March to chat with us via social media, send us your testimonials recognizing those women who lift you up. Use it also to give kudos to those you are proud of how far they’ve come. Then, join our YWiB community of ambitious women who will continue to work shoulder to shoulder to uplift each other, learn from each other, and open doors for one another. Success takes hard work and dedication, but when you have a community like ours behind you, things are a whole lot better.

With Much Trust in You,

Sandra M. Riano