YWiB's Director of Marketing Talks First Photoshop 101 Workshop

On Monday, June 20, join us for our first workshop of the year -- Photoshop 101! Leading the event is our very own Director of Marketing, Victoria Stacey. We asked her a few questions about her exciting role and what the workshop will offer young women.  

What do you do as the Marketing Director at YWiB Toronto? When we first started YWiB, I was doing a little bit of everything. There were only three of us at the time, Miranda, Olivia and myself, (Laura, Director of Fundraising, later joined the team), so I was responsible for everything from creative design to event planning to selecting materials we'd need for our events. Now, along with my Director of Promotions, we strategize and coordinate Content Marketing, PR, Social Media, and Graphic Design. I also help facilitate strategic partnerships and sponsorship.

Why do you think young women should know how to use Adobe Photoshop? What if you're in a field where you aren’t working with images or digital design at all? I think understanding how to use Photoshop is a great asset for anyone in the professional world and can often come in handy. Sure, you might not be designing layouts or logos regularly, but what happens if an opportunity arises for you to showcase skills outside of the ones you use day-to-day? Being able to speak up and say, "Hey, I can do that!" could save your organization money (no need to outsource for simple projects!), and shows you're willing to go above and beyond your job description.

How did you learn Photoshop? Tell us about your experience using the software. I've been using Photoshop for over 10 years and began to teach myself the software when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I started experimenting on an old program called Paint Shop Pro, which was very similar to Photoshop. Eventually, I was spending more time on the family computer than outside during the summer, much to my parents' and brothers' dismay. But, I learned a lot. I soon started building simple 'Piczo' websites and then moved onto working with HTML/CSS.

You were the editor-in-chief of Passion8 Magazine. How did your knowledge of creative design and design software help you to start your own publication and take on an editorial role? Passion8 started because I had a penchant for design, and wasn't able to express it creatively in the workplace. Having this knowledge of design, and the software to give it life, really drove the project forward. It allowed me to aid and mentor those who were just starting out with design software by giving them the opportunity to try their hand at designing, often for the first time. The editorial component was a natural progression. When you're a 'start-up' publication, with a team of volunteers, you're forced to do a lot of the work yourself. So, I began to immerse myself in the editorial side as well. Like I said, I've had websites and blogs my entire life, so writing and editing ended up feeling like natural next steps.

What do you enjoy the most about mentoring young women? Watching young women take the skills I've helped them develop, and apply them in the workforce or in their personal lives, is one of the most rewarding experiences. I've had the opportunity to work with and train students in my co-op programs, and seeing where they ended up is really amazing. The same goes for Passion8—so many of these young professionals include their Passion8 experience on their resumes, or use their pieces in their portfolios. Knowing that I was able to help them along in their careers is what means the most to me. I hope that we can do the same with YWiB.

Why partner with Oracle? Our partners at Oracle are really passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. When one of our team members reached out to an Oracle representative to chat about the opportunity to host the workshop, her manager was overjoyed to help us out. Recently, Oracle announced that they will be partnering with the White House in a Global Campaign to Empower Girls and Women, so it was a great, timely fit.

If you could teach any workshop at all, what would it be? I took a course in university on Maker Culture where we explored the relationship between tech and hands-on making. I love crafts, I love design and I love tech. I'd love to learn more about the way these work together and share that with other young professionals.

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