FWE Leader's Lounge Interview with Joe Segal

The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) Leader’s Lounge is an intimate networking series with some of the best business leaders in Vancouver. YWiB’s Ladies in Pink recently took part in the sold out evening with Joe Segal. Joe Segal is a world-class philanthropist and businessman in the BC community. Among a long list of achievements, he was the founder of numerous Field’s Stores in 1950 and acquired Zellers in 1976, and later, the Bay. With his extraordinary business acumen he doubled the sales of the struggling retailer in just three years by investing in what customers wanted.


Mr. Segal spent over an hour sharing personal stories of his career successes and failures and the lessons he learned over 60 years of business engagement. Even more than the man’s lessons in business, his character as a philanthropist was what really shined.

His astuteness and passion for life was evident as his recounted the importance of the partnership with his wife and the significant impact that your actions have on your family. All four of his children were in the room to support their admirable father. They even gave up their reserved seats to those who don’t normally get to see Mr. Segal.

The entire room was on their feet in applause at the end of the event. The charismatic person he is, Mr. Segal comfortably spent an hour meandering around in casual conversation with guests eager to ask more about his business endeavours and life.


Thank you to FWE for their continued support of YWiB and for providing opportunities like this to our Ladies in Pink team. Get in touch with us to become part of the Ladies in Pink, your ticket to contribute to the community and get access to some of the best events in Vancouver.


Written by: Stephanie Fowler YWiB Vancouver Mentorship Coordinator & Ladies in Pink member