It's a Numbers Game and Women are Behind

It's a Numbers Game and Women are Behind

The most talked about investing mistakes are made by men; trading too often, over confidence, market timing etc. The most common mistake that women make is not investing at all…….The decision not to invest, or investing too conservatively, costs women a lot of money. Some estimates are between $500,000 and $2,500,000 over a lifetime. 

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Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt.

We all aspire to become that version of ourselves who is at ease in any given environment. A person who speaks with conviction, knows what assets they offer, what values they have, and where they belong. Though, sometimes, it seems like only a select few are ever lucky enough to obtain this kind of confidence.

Most of us have experienced high and low confidence levels at various periods in our lives. External situations or events and our internal responses to those situations or events can cause confidence levels to rise or fall. As unenjoyable as the lows can be, this underlines an important fact: confidence is malleable. How incredible a power would it be if you could harness the ability to influence your confidence?

Well, it's time to find out this Saturday, Feb 28.

YWiB Vancouver is incredibly excited to host a confidence workshop led by Adrienne Danielson, life coach and Director of Training and Development at H.Y. Louie. Adrienne has worked with corporations, non-profits, and independents for over 25 years. This ain't her first time at the rodeo, let's just say, and she's going to teach you strategies for attaining that "perma-confidence".

Some of the most esteemed business schools in North America (Stanford, for example) offer full courses that focus on dissecting people's own personal fears and emotions, identifying where and how they interfere with their lives, and addressing how to face or affect them. These schools recognize that it is often our own heads that become obstacles in the way of our success.

Register quickly to reserve a limited seat at this Saturday's workshop, usually $150!

It's important to come with an open mind. As with many soft skills and topics, things can get a little touchy-feely at times. We get that not everyone feels comfortable with this type of environment, but it's well worth the experience if you keep yourself open to the process and focused on the learning. Many of Adrienne's past clients sing her praises, so if we can't convince you that you'll strut out of Saturday a new, taller you, just take it from them:


"Working with Adrienne this past year was much more than mental training enhancement for a work place environment; it was mental training for life. I have been in the grocery industry for over 25 years. Adrienne has always maintained that great technical and tactical skills are not enough; we need to train our mental and emotional dimensions to fully harness our potential...her philosophies became a foundation in my daily life. I highly recommend anyone pursuing excellence in any industry to spend some time with Adrienne. My only regret in working with Adrienne is that it didn’t happen years ago!"

Grace MacInnes, Assistant Store Leader, Fresh Street Brand


"Adrienne takes a very non-traditional approach to leadership and life coaching and by doing so, is able to provide each individual with greater ownership of their own growth. She explores the inner motivation, goals, and mental barriers of each individual and guides you towards your own decisions. Her ability to pinpoint certain areas and explore them further with you provides you with clarity you didn't know you needed. My experience with Adrienne was life-changing and provided me with clarity on my career path, core values that drive my decision making, and the type of leadership qualities I want to encompass as I grow professionally. Adrienne is extremely talented at supporting your own thoughts as you work through, in your own mind, what it is you need to do to get the results you want. This is a rare quality. After working with Adrienne, I have found success in my chosen career path and have had several opportunities arise because of the clarity I have gained about myself."

Kiran Dhinsa, E.I.D., Canada Border Services


"Adrienne is a natural teacher, she has an ability to say things that align perfectly with what an inividual needs to gain insight and awareness of themselves in ways they never saw or considered. She is able to create a feeling of safety and trust very quickly which encourages you to express yourself openly and honestly and allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up in ways you wouldn't normally. She is also skilled at getting to the heart of things, quickly and accurately. She is able to help you become aware of old thought patterns that do not support you in a positive way and assists you to develop new ways of thinking that are more productive.

I leave conversations with Adrienne feeling more focused, lighter, more confident in my potential and a renewed belief in "anything is possible in life". 

Robert Hyslop, Independent Owner/Operator, The Re-Store


"I met Adrienne at a YWiB networking event and we hit it off. I decided to hire Adrienne as a coach because I was at a crossroads with my career, working in an environment that wasn't fulfilling, I wondered what was the best next step. As an avid planner, I wanted to work with someone who would help me understand my goals and career aspirations by breaking me out of my typical way of thinking (read: I'm a worrier). Adrienne helped me lay the ground work for understanding my skills and abilities and how I could lead the search for the job I really wanted. She also helped me take steps to improve my thinking patterns (read: less worrying, more optimism). Working with Adrienne was not only a complete success, but she is overall, one of the loveliest people I have ever met. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to embark on a journey of personal growth." 

Marianna Adamian, Content Marketing Manager, Recombo Inc.

Branch Out at YWiB Vancouver’s Spring Vino Chat

Ahh, Springtime has arrived! Bits of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and the longer days are giving us energy to take life on headfirst.

Spring is synonymous with “new growth”, so challenge yourself to carry that theme into your professional life. Come crawl out of your Wintery daze, dust off the ol’ networking skills and come see what other young professionals in this city are up to. It's so easy to feel content with our usual circles and routines, but it's important to have a social-aspect to your career...this is exactly where those unexpected opportunities and offers often come from.

With that, YWiB Vancouver’s Spring Vino Chat is a perfect place to branch out and connect with some new people. Drop by for a quick hello, or stay to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail ($1 off with your registration) and grab a bite while you’re there. Either way, we’d love to see you, and you’ll likely leave with a new friend or two.

Meet us at…

The Butcher & Bullock Thursday, March 27th 6:30pm (but don’t forget to register!)

We recommend bringing personal or business cards for easy info swapping ;)

‘Til then!

YWiB Van

Save the Date: From the Field to the Boardroom 2013!

YWiB has teamed up with the Whitecaps again to resurrect one of last year's most popular events! In four weeks, we'll be hosting the 2nd Annual...

From the Field to the Boardroom

#ffb2013 Saturday, July 27th Networking & Panel - 1:30pm @ St. Regis Bar & Grill Kick off - 4pm @ BC Place 


Rachel Lewis, COO of the Whitecaps, is returning this year as our MC and panel host!

Panelists include Ish Jhaj, Shooting for Hope (a program that encourages and empowers young girls in rural India) Jenn Wills, Kickin' with the 'Caps (a Whitecaps program that creates those "hero" moments by connecting youth soccer fans with players) ...and others!

You'll be inspired by these women's stories of confidence, passion, and perseverance-both personally and professionally-that got them to the where they are in Vancouver's sports and health industry.

Get discount tickets here using promo code ffb2013 and choose location-specific seats ($25 - $44) for the big game against Philidelphia Union! Blue section - center field Yellow section - corner Teal/White sections - end field


Tickets for YWiB's Birthday Party!

Finally!!! Tickets to the birthday are now available! Tickets are $10 and go towards your cupcake and a delicious spread of appies by Lost + Found! Make sure to get one in advance, and we'll see you there!

Event details (again): July 10, 2013 Lost + Found Café, 33 W Hastings St. 6:30-8:30pm


Book Launch! "The Financially Empowered Woman" by Tracy Theemes

Remember Money Matters, the phenomenal financial workshop that Tracy Theemes, Co-Founder of Sophia Financial Group, led for YWiB? Well, she happens to have written a book, The Financially Empowered Woman, that overviews the same five crucial steps of financial planning, investing, asset allocation, and how you can grow your money. Being as lovely as she is, Tracy is inviting all friends of YWiB to her book launch and signing to mingle, enjoy a bite to eat and drink, pick up a copy and have it personally signed.

Who: Tracy Theemes' Book Launch What: The Financially Empowered Woman: Everything You Really Want to Know About Your Money Where: Sophia Financial Group, 3762 West 10th Avenue When: Wednesday, June 19 (6-7:30 pm) How: RSVP here How much: Free!

Can't make the book launch? You can order a copy of her book via email —

Don't forget Tracy holds regular FREE financial planning sessions at her office as well. Due to space constraints, they usually require RSVP, so if you'd like to be in the loop for upcoming sessions, register for the event notifications on the Online RSVP Form, under the News & Events tab.

register now!

BEYOND PINKdisrupt to construct: redefining the possible

we've just announced the amazing line-up of speakers & mentors! some highlights you might love:

Janet Austin | CEO, YWCA Judy Rogers | Former City Manager of Vancouver Sandy Thompson | Global Planning Director, Y&R Rachel Lewis | COO, Vancouver Whitecaps Faye Wightman | President & CEO, Vancouver Foundation Aki Kaltenbach | Direcotr of Partner Solutions, Hootsuite Malene Grotrian | Founder, Malene Grotrain Designs Lois Naherny | Executive Vice President, Teekay Corporation Vanessa Noga | Senior Commercial Account Manager, RBC Madeleine Shaw & Suzanne Siemens | co-founders, Lunapads a workshop by Lululemon on Goals & Vision setting

and many, many more... see full roster here.

click here to snag your spot!

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