My Campus CEO Experience

Wow, I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to participate in Campus CEO.  Chris Flett truly is a business genius and the fact that he has been willing to personally train us has been an incredible experience.  Chris is a gutsy, bold, intelligent and  riveting speaker who keeps you at the edge during endless 'aha' moments.  I like to refer to him as the Simon Cowell of business - the guy who everyone respects because he says what no one is willing to say.  For this reason, the class has been hugely motivating, scary, life changing, and pattern breaking.  The class has challenged my 'nice girl' mentality by showing how we ladies need to be assertive in business-- and how it is actually appreciated in the business community.  I cannot say enough about the Campus CEO program and I would recommend that any young woman attend. It is an absolute steal to attend this course for only the cost of a YWiB membership and will change the way one views being in business forever.  Thanks for everything Tara and Chris!

Testimonials from the first CampusCEO

The first installment of the CampusCEO program wrapped up on May 4th, with Dragon's Den style presentations taking place next week.  The girls presented some excellent and innovative business ideas. As the first program wraps up (and not to worry, there will be another) we've asked the girls to share some of their thoughts on the program, the classes, and Chris Flett himself:

No classroom theories here. Chris has valuable knowledge stemming from real experience in business. CampusCEO is a chance to learn something useful and work with some great ladies. I would recommend this group to students of all faculties. Cheers, Kristen

Campus CEO has definitely sparked my interest and demonstrated the value of entrepreneurship. As a teacher, Chris Flett is extremely engaging and delivers straight to the point lessons, equipping you with all the necessary steps and thought processes required in order to run a successful business. Through a number of group activities and competitions I also had the privilege of working with and getting to know an inspiring and energetic group of girls! Thanks for all your hard work and such a great experience with Campus CEO! Katie Hensrud

Forget Entrepreneurship 101 - this course will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Participation in Campus CEO will push you ahead of your current game, whether you're a business rookie or a start-up specialist. For me, being only start-up curious, Campus CEO served as the perfect introduction to how entrepreneurs succeed in Vancouver and beyond. With the aid of resources from Chris Flett and Ghost CEO, there was a wealth of knowledge readily available and I found answers to all the questions I posed. I certainly gained significant value from participation and would definitely go back for another round. Marina Walker

Beyond blunt is what defines a lecture on entrepreneurship from Chris Flett. Over the past five months Chris encouraged us ladies to see beyond the fancy frills and bureaucratic nonsense of business and instead asked us to explore the possibilities of pursuing business opportunities GHOSTCEO style. Enlightened with simplified steps to develop profitable models and turn them into real business ventures, CAMPUSCEO is a fantastic crash course for young women in business to get more than one step ahead of their competition. Brittany Kuthmann

CampusCEO has been truly inspirational! Chris Flett has taught me so much in such a short little time, so thank-you. Also to all the wonderful and talented ladies that I have met through this experience it has been a pleasure! Cheers, Anja Gross

Interview with Heather White

On Feburary 8th, Campus Ceo was graced with the fiery presence of Heather White. Her honest and engaging demeanor made for an inspiring evening full of questions, answers and connections. She shared her experience as a student and growing into her role of entrepreneur, the backbone of 2020 Communications and a member of the Ghost Ceo posse. So many women were captivated by the conversation; they stayed almost an hour after discussing business ideas, obstacles and wine. For those of you who missed it, here is an interview with Heather White that will leave you wanting more (trust me…).YWIB: What does the future look like for women entrepreneurs?

HW: Great question! Though I’m still working on honing my psychic powers, my general feeling is that women entrepreneurs will be the drivers of the new paradigm of business. Naturally gifted with intuition, their ability to form strong relationships and their solution focused mind-set, women bring a soft yet effective skill-set to the table.  I think entrepreneurs, in general, will thrive in the coming years as we look to do business with people/companies who are servicing more specific needs and wants, therefore more niche, versus the mass consumerism that we’ve become accustomed to.  I think the future is rich with opportunity and what we make of that is yet to be seen.

YWIB: What is the best way for women to support each other?

HW: Stop competing and start collaborating.  Throw age, race, looks, experience etc. out the window – it doesn’t matter. The most important way to support each other is show up as your whole self, look to add value in an enthusiastic and passionate way and synergize with the other women (and men) in your life.  Gone are the days of having to ‘know it all’ (not that I’m sure that ever existed) and now we must be clear on what we have to offer and find others who offer complimentary knowledge, skill and service.  This is how we will grow to the next level. No more one-upping each other, it’s about joining forces.

YWIB: Where do you look for inspiration? Do you have a mantra that keeps you going when times get rough?

HW: I’ve made a point of building a strong team around me to help nurture my personal and professional journeys. I have a two-hour standing appointment with my Life Coach once a week that keeps me grounded and committed to the things that are most important to me.  I have the most supportive Business Partner that I call on for professional advise and support in my business development.  Furthermore, I participate in a Mastermind group once a week (and have for the past four years) allowing me an outlet to ask for guidance and support when I need it. I’m a family girl, so much of my inspiration comes from my parents (I was lucky enough to have three), my 3 siblings, and my other half – all of whom are huge champions and supporters of me and I of them.  My office is decorated with vision boards and quotes to keep me going day to day and in terms of a mantra, my go to is: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t” – Author unknown .

YWIB: People often talk about what they wish they knew when they were in their twenties. What are a few work/life balance tips you have for young women entrepreneurs?

HW: Nothing is as big a deal as you think it is. Our mind is an amazing instrument, but, left mis-understood, or to it’s own devises and it can get out of control and create Mt. Everest out of a mole hill.  Having fun is one of the easiest ways to stay in the flow of life and when you’re in the flow of life, a lot can happen easily and effortlessly.  I was very much old school mind-set when I first entered in to business believing I had to “work hard” and put in super long hours in order to be successful.  Today I know what a myth that was.  I have had huge successes come out of just showing up, being curious, having fun and enjoying life.  I think when you take life too seriously you are in for an uphill climb. When you let go and let it flow, it rewards you in ways you didn’t know or believe were possible.

YWIB: What was your favorite part about speaking at Campus Ceo?

HW: The energy in the room. I travel all over North America speaking to groups and the vibe in the room that night was phenomenal. It told me that I was in the right place.

YWIB + Chris Flett: An Entrepreneurial Match Made in Heaven

Chris Flett in a room full of bright and beautiful young women. No, this isn’t the opening of a joke or a scene in a polygamous comedy. It’s Campus CEO – the life altering opportunity presented by Chris Flett and YWIB.  Helped run by the lovely Tara Clark, Campus CEO is a business bootcamp, offering advice, guidance and inspiration to YWIB members with an entrepreneurial dream. Over thirty women take time out of their busy lives to attend workshops once or twice a month.

Led by Chris, they cover the essentials of business development, or “how to make money”. By using stories of personal experience and the dissection of successful international businesses (including Starbucks and The Fairmont Hotels), Chris effortlessly debunks the myths that young women “can’t do businesses” and provides the framework to understand entrepreneurship. Televisions Dragons Den is used as a regular example to spur on conversations on negotiation and partnerships. It’s a steep learning curve with the banner event happening in May. Each participant gets the chance to pitch their business idea to a “Dragons Den” style Panel made up of established entrepreneurs with the hope of receiving financial backing.

To make it even more exciting, the ladies of Campus CEO are thrown into the trenches with prize-winning challenges. How would you like to have a spectacular lunch picking the brain of Chris Flett? All you’ve gotta do is get Obama, Steven Harper or Kevin O’Leary on the phone…

To find out more about Campus CEO and trace the progress of the incredible women involved check out the Campus CEO Facebook page, Chris' Blog ( and visit YWIB for upcoming event announcements.