You Can Do Good Anywhere

Have you ever felt that you’re unable to create change in your company?  Most of us have been there but I write to encourage you to think positively.  We all have the ability to spark a little fire and create change.  It all comes down to approach and convincing others that change is good.  I’m not talking about those games we play where we convince a guy that something we came up with was really his idea (don’t judge me, you know you do it too).  I’m talking about truly owning an idea and pitching it in an effective manner. After reading “5 Ways To Do Good In Any Job” from Fast Company, I was inspired to think bigger than changing my company’s paper from regular to recycled (which you should get on changing if your company hasn’t done it already).  But dig a bit deeper.  Have you ever considered reaching out to a community group that is working to change something in your industry and presenting yourself as a translator willing to help them?   Dev Aujila, author of Making Good, a book on finding meaning, money and community, encourages you to take charge of creating change and make things happen in your job.

Personally, I think it’s all about your approach.  Consider communicating your message by identifying the problem while offering the solution that you want to help the company achieve.  Chances are your organization has thought about changing a few things but haven’t due to lack of the time, resources or people that take action and see things through.  I am a firm believer that anyone is possible of creating change; all it takes is a kind approach and an encouraging tone.

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