YWiB Internship Program: Diana's Story

  Without the YWiB Internship program, I would definitely not be where I am today. Getting paired with Popchips led to numerous learning experiences and unique opportunities. I was fortunate enough to have an event planning based internship, which took learning beyond the classroom and helped me contribute to expanding the brand. One of my greatest memories was working with the field marketing manager to create a charity event for the BC Society of Transition Houses and Ryan Kesler. I have also been given the opportunity to travel within BC, attend industry events, and meet some influential faces along the way. As the fit was perfect, I am now a Brand Ambassador and maintain my intern position. Not only have I gained a mentor through meeting my ambitious boss, but I have also created long lasting relationships and experienced events that I would have never gotten the chance to experience elsewhere.

I hope this write-up helps and inspires people to get involved!