Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Meet Susan Eick of Right Management

  Leading up to our Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Executive Inspiration event on April 30, we’re taking the time to introduce the amazing women behind this powerhouse panel! Keep an eye out for each instalment and get ready to meet them in person for a panel and networking session to remember. #YWiBbtgc

Ps. The event is only a week away!!!


Susan Eick  VP Business Development at Right Management

Susan has more than 25 years of experience in business strategy, marketing and executive development.  At Right, Susan manages the British Columbia territory. Susan’s specific client capabilities include strategic planning, aligning business priorities, assessing organizational impact of change and developing repeatable processes that increase efficiency. Susan has been frequently recognized as an individual who can assess a situation quickly and develop plans of action to support change initiatives within an organization.

Prior to joining Right Management, Susan managed her own consultancy in British Columbia, working primarily with technology executives who were experiencing the need to rapidly shift their organizations. She spent the majority of her career in the US financial services industry leading national project and sales teams, and in the non-profit sector developing resources for educational expansion and endowments.

Early in her career, Susan was given positions of leadership for projects that required rapid strategic planning and consecutive implementation.  She thrives helping others to adapt and work through change.

In addition to her work at Right, Susan is an active mentor and coach through the British Columbia Innovation Council and a founding board member of the Help Project Canada.