Money Matters is Soon!

Money Matters is just around the corner!  This coming Wednesday, Tracy Theemes will be at our disposal to answer all your burning questions about anything and everything finance.  It’s a casual and conversational evening, and because of that, feel free to send us topics or questions that you have an interest in hearing about (or bring them to the event!) on Wednesday. Make sure to sign upsoon before registration ends! E-mail us at , tweet at us @YWiB, or post on our facebook page to make sure Tracy will cover what you’re most interested in!

Tracy Theemes is down-to-earth and great at boiling down the complexities of money matters into easy-to-grasp concepts.

Some topics she has on her list:

  • How to save money effectively and general good money habits to adopt
  • What is “asset allocation” and why should we know about it?
  • What are registered versus non-registered accounts?
  • Investing – The various investment vehicles out there and which ones are “the best”
  • Fees & Commissions – how much of your money is actually being invested?
  • How do you assess your acceptable investment “risk” level?
  • Mutual funds – What are they!?
  • RRSPs – When is the right time to start?
  • Filing your tax returns – Best practices for separating your taxes owed and making sure you don’t spend that money that isn’t yours!
  • What do landlord/property management companies take advantage of renters?
  • What to look out for the first time renter/buyer
  • Fixed versus variable rate mortgage
  • Staying out of the “red” with your credit

If, at the end of the evening, you feel you want further explanation or guidance, you’re welcome to have a quick chat with her.  But, while she can’t come home with you, you can definitely pick up her book,The Financially Empowered Woman: Everything You Really Want to Know About Your Money.

We hope to see you there!