Tickets for YWiB's Birthday Party!

Finally!!! Tickets to the birthday are now available! Tickets are $10 and go towards your cupcake and a delicious spread of appies by Lost + Found! Make sure to get one in advance, and we'll see you there!

Event details (again): July 10, 2013 Lost + Found Café, 33 W Hastings St. 6:30-8:30pm


Save the Date: July 10th is YWiB's Birthday!

YWiB'sSummer Solstice Birthday Party!

Lost + Found Café - 33 W Hastings St. Wednesday, July 10th 6:30 - 8:30 pm $10/person, includes appies and a birthday cupcake!

Wow, what an amazing 5 years...

Thank you to all of our members, whether you've been with us from the beginning in 2008 or just joined us in 2013. YWiB may have matured and evolved, but one thing hasn't changed: you are the foundation, inspiration and heart of this organization.

Starting out as a few ladies with a big idea - Beyond Pink - we’re so proud to have expanded into our four distinct bodies: YWiB VancouverYWiB UBCYWiB SFU and YWiB UVic. We promise that as our membership demographic continues to evolve, we will keep focused on providing the best professional network, support and learning opportunities to meet your needs.

Come celebrate with us:

Save the Date: Wednesday, July 10th Who: You, your girlfriends, and their friends too How: With food & drinks, cupcakes (heck yes!), and a photo booth (say cheese!) Where: Lost + Found Café, 33 W Hastings St.

Tickets are available here!

We can't wait to see you!

xoxox The YWiB Team