HIRING: The Master Money Guru

YWiB is on the look-out for energetic & ambitious team players who are full of heart & excitement to further the goals of our organization.  if financial reporting is your game, make YWiB your name!! we want YOU to join our team of amazing, inspiring, passionate and professional ladies as our Master Money Guru, or treasurer, the title is negotiable!

to be selected you must dream about financial statements and talk in numerical coding! (kidding!)

what we do look for are ladies who are constantly willing to learn, awesome to work with and thrive in a passionate and creative team dynamic.  specifically for the YWiB treasurer you need to have prior experience with book-keeping and basic accounting as well as a desire to learn more about not-for-profit finance, accounting and financial reporting.

if this sounds like you (or a friend!) please let us (or them!) know!

full posting can be found on our website under "involvement opportunities"