Introducing: my {YWiB} idea

my idea | we know you have them, great ones… what | if you have an idea for an event or a program, YWiB wants to help you put them into action

how | YWiB wants to collaborate with you – combine our experiences and resources with your vision. for information on how to apply to turn your idea into an event visit

why | outside of feeling confident & empowered after creating your own event and becoming the leader you’ve always dreamed about being, you get to:

·   work with the incredible team behind YWiB

·   work with some of Vancouver’s best and find your own mentor

·   feature your event in one of our snazzy partner locations

·   cross off “indulge in 15 minutes of fame” off your to-do list

·   dream up and create the next YWiB acclaimed event

when | apply online before February 29, 2012

so… do you have one?