Cheers To The Weekend!!

As spring is ramping into full swing in Vancouver I wanted to take this beautiful Friday to wish you a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation and much needed down time.  This time of year tends to be the busiest for most.  Whether you're  a student completing another semester of exams (yay!), an accountant winding down from a busy (and stressful) tax season (Yay!), or an employee recovering from year-end budget deadlines (New budgets. Double Yay!) it can be an extremely hectic time of year. Some stress saving tips from me to you:

- Maintain perspective and try not to let the 'small things' get you down.  It may be playoffs but don't let the intensity rocket launch your bloodpressure - it is afterall just a game :p - Take the time to smell the roses (or cherry blossoms before they wilt) and while your at it, take advantage of the sunshine and stroll our beautiful seawall - Do one thing this weekend that is for YOU! Get yourself a pretty cupcake or a puppy, the skies the limit - And ALWAYS do as Ellen would and "Be Kind to One Another"

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

xoxo ~ Megan