YWiB USask Wonder Woman of the Month - Himadry Singh

March 2018 Edition – Himadry Singh

Social media opens a window for wide spread communication and a place for people to share their opinions.  Social media as a medium is easy to use and reaches a large, diverse set of people.  The platforms themselves are great in their simplicity, however, the challenge that couples with freedom of expression is having the courage to say what you mean, stand up for what may not follow societal norms and share your creativity, talents, and personality freely. 

Himadry Singh is a woman who does just that. As YWiB USask’s March Wonder Woman of the Month, Himadry represents a courageous, outspoken woman who is a great advocate and voice for both women’s rights and human equality.  She holds her own working a full-time marketing job in a male dominated field while fueling her entrepreneurial spirit operating her own creative business “Artspct”. 

Like many women, growing up Himadry did not fully understand feminism and why people work so hard to fight for it.  She was raised never experiencing blatant inequalities and was encouraged by her parents believe in herself to achieve her goals. 

It was not until she entered the workforce that Himadry truly started to understand the inequalities and challenges that women face on a regular basis.  One of the main things that she noticed was that women in general are expected to prove themselves and their credibility more often on the sole basis that they are women.  This is fueled by the media’s omnipresent voice make girls feel that they are not enough.  To add to that, not all people were raised to believe in equality and consequently allow their biases to affect the way they treat others. 

How does Himadry work to fight against the inequalities that women face? When discussing, three main ideas were brought to light. 

1.       Surround yourself with the right people.  Jim Rohn’s quote “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” really resonates with her.  Getting involved with people who share common beliefs can be a difference maker, and as a group, we are stronger.  Fill your circle with people who will empower you and support you in taking on your goals.  To go further, Himadry believes in supporting companies and organizations who also share your beliefs.  Your community should never make you feel as if you should limit your abilities in any capacity, especially because you are a woman.

2.       The “Girl-to-Girl Crime” has to stop.  Himadry believes that women need to support each other.  For the world to realize true equality, women have to stop pitting themselves against each other.  Education about feminism for all people (women included) should be widespread.  Not all women may experience injustice, however, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere” meaning that just because you may not see something wrong, does not mean it is not happening.  Himadry wants to see women acknowledging the power and abilities of each other to build a strong, unified community.   

3.       Finally, listening to the needs of others and extending your support is something everyone has the power to do.  Be a voice for those who may not have the courage to speak up.  The word feminist means equality to Himadry.  To achieve equality, we must stand together.  Himadry puts this into practice on her own social media, inspiring others to feel that their voice can be heard. 

Himadry is empowered by passionate people and what they can achieve.  She loves to see the fire in people’s eyes when they talk about their dreams and what they are doing to reach them.  Passion translates to power.  The passionate men and women who are fighting for equality by breaking barriers doing what they love Himadry optimist for the future of feminism and overall equality.  Get inspired by Himadry. Be courageous, speak up, be passionate and be yourself in all channels of your life. 

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