announcing... My {YWiB} Idea

You must be wondering where we’ve been lately. No noise from YWiB in the last few months almost at all! We’re still here, just on an extended pow-wow session if you will. You see, we’re constantly asking ourselves “how can we make this better for our members?” and “how can we achieve our goal of creating a platform for young women to connect, share and access resources, grow, meet people, inspire, and get inspired?”

We’ve been researching. We’ve been brainstorming. But most importantly, we’ve been listening.

To take you to where we’re going, we have to remind you of where we’ve been…

We started as a conference of 250 diverse women from all walks of life sharing stories and getting inspired. Beyond Pink is now a prestigious annual conference attracting 200+ women and men from across the lower mainland for a weekend of personal and professional development.

We branched out to reach an even younger demographic of women who were yearning for a place to grow and for mentors to look up to. Our University Chapters have expanded from UBC up to SFU and most recently over to UVic – with interest from schools across the nation coming in each day.

From small scale conversations to larger scale legacy events like our panel sessions, we’re constantly experimenting, innovating and adapting as we get closer and closer to understanding how we can best serve you, our members.

So what have we learned? We’ve learned that what you want is an opportunity to contribute. Women are innately giving and the best way we know how to grow and challenge ourselves is to give of our time, energy and talent. And to work with other women who push our boundaries on each of these levels.

This is why YWiB is excited to introduce our new program – a way for you to get involved and contribute in a way we’ve never offered before: My Idea.

We're so excited about this new program that we created a video just for you! Enjoy the video below and then follow this link for detailed information. We can't wait to hear your ideas!!