Beyond Pink: An Insider Peek

With Beyond Pink less than a month away, everyone at YWiB is buzzing about the conference, excited for how it would be! YWiB has always believed in a place of sharing ideas and experiences, and Beyond Pink is a perfect platform for that for all you talented and ambitious young women out there. We want to meet you and see you there!

As a taster of how hard the team has been working and a Sneak Peek into the conference, here's an insider look to the world of Lindsey Smith, Co-Chair of BP2010.


Phewf. Another Sunday morning meeting down and another week to grasp some delegates before the big day! That being said – it’s the MOST exciting time! We’ve got 24Hours on board as official Print Media Sponsor, SFU joining Sauder and the CUS with sponsorship.  Our Speaker Coordinator is booking fantastic female and male speakers that all are volunteering their time to come and help us out (including Ken Sim from Nurse Next Door, Janet Wood from Business Objects & Lara Kozan from YYOGA).  The BP team is a hustling and bustling group – thank goodness as their energy is contagious!

As the final month draws in everything from signage and posters to how we register to how we move everyone to the Mentor Dinner Restaurants is coming into play.  We’re having past BP organizers come forward to dedicate their time, we’ve got an Amazing YWIB Advisory Board coming forward with their connections and dedicating their own time to speaking and helping us nail down this year’s conference (thank you our wonderful mentors in this process!).

As Jenn (my absolutely wonderful co-chair) and I started on this voyage in the beautiful summer sun we had this amazing vision to have this wonderfully perfect conference.  A conference where women and men from all different backgrounds came and felt inspired, and walked out on clouds changing the world.  Since then, as speakers, professors, and business leaders have come forward to say “how do we help” or “who can I call” I believe we underestimated the support and respect there is in the community for young women that are trying to mix things up.  It’s been phenomenal to have such support, and we only see this as taking us one step closer to getting towards that cloudy dream we have.

We’re all so excited.  Not only have we worked many-a-sleepless night on this, it’s starting to come together... the reality is finally setting in... and I couldn’t be prouder of the BP group.  So many of our team members are from outside Vancouver, from a variety of backgrounds, and after months of hard work... we’re making it happen!

So, if you’re reading this, and haven’t registered yet …register today, not because of me but because you want to continue to be the best you, to contribute your best assets to this world and because you think it’s important that others do as well.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces there!

-Lindsey, co-chair Beyond P!nk 2010