Calling all Toronto Social Media & Online Marketers!

By Amanda Ainsworth To effectively employ social media and search marketing, a fast-paced and ever-changing realm, you can’t afford to be outdated or out-of-touch with new developments in the industry. There are new pins, likes, pages, and other features emerging everyday that you can use, but it is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, these new tools can improve the impact of your social media/online strategy, and on the other hand, this means constantly learning how to use them and understanding how they fit and might be leveraged for your company! It can take a lot of effort to be on top of these things.

Our friends at YWCA Toronto are offering an incredible event TOMORROW, where you can find out how to use the latest tools and most effective practices in social media, SEO, and search engine marketing from the ones who invented and revolutionized it.

A minimum donation of $20 to the YWCA Girls’ Center will give you access to hear from experts representing three of the industry’s leading players: Google Canada, Green Lotus, and ABC News.

Donate & Learn – Search & Social Marketing Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6pm – 9pm YWCA Toronto Headquarters (87 Elm Street, Toronto)

This workshop will provide you with invaluable tips for:

  • Creating more successful online marketing strategy,
  • Leveraging Google AdWords’ social/mobile/local tools and Google+ to boost your social media strategy,
  • Enhancing online visibility and brand awareness with better SEO, and
  • Everything in between!

If you’re a social media/marketing professional, a small or medium business, non-profit or charity organization, PR/Communications specialist or website designer, don’t pass up the opportunity to strengthen your marketing efforts, improve your bottom line and schmooze with these high-caliber marketing gurus. I recommend reserving a spot now. You can do this by making a quick (tax-deductible) donation to the YWCA Girls’ Center, at! Don’t forget to pass this info along to any of your Toronto friends who might be interested – they’ll thank you. 

*This workshop is being generously sponsored by Go Daddy, Toronto Star’s, Epic Cruises, and Big3 Video Agency.