congratulations to YWiB prez & vice-prez

We are so excited, over-the-moon, ecstatic and thrilled at the announcement of the recipients of The International Alliance for Women 2011 World of Difference 100 Awards. The 2011 awards recognize 100 achievers from 27 countries for their efforts in advancing the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally, or worldwide.The 22 Canadians honored in this year's awards include (drumroll please!) YWiB President Paulina Lipska and Vice-President Jennifer Sung in the Young Women Leaders category! We are so proud of Paulina and Jennifer! For the past three years they have been the inspiration and motivation for YWiB's initiatives as well as so many others. Where would YWiB be without Paulina and Jennfer...that remains to be unknown, but it definitely wouldn’t be what it is today – the go-to organization for young women in Vancouver, and internationally recognized as a model for brining women together in an environment that encourages women to push their boundaries and to build their stories to share with the world. The YWiB story is full of bumps, jumps and trying ‘til we succeed moments. But the moments that stand out are the ones where Paulina and Jennifer said ‘we’re going for it’, regardless of what anyone else was telling us. Their energy and passion has motivated the team through some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced as students, and as young professionals. Paulina and Jennifer lead the team with all their hearts. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

for the full press release on The International Alliance of Women 2011 Awards, click here.