Happy Holidays from the Ladies at YWiB!!

We wanted to take a moment to touch base with everyone who has taken the time to connect with us throughout 2011. Your support has been the most significant aspect of our year and we’d like to thank you for making it one of the most exciting and challenging years at YWiB! We look forward to more events, speaker series and conferences to come in 2012! Also, we wanted to take the time to encourage you to remember to connect with your network this holiday season. Sending a holiday greeting can go a long way. The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to lay the groundwork for your networking circle in 2012! The best part is that it’s quick, inexpensive and easy to do, you’ll also feel like you’re giving a little extra in the well-wishes department this year. Like any great networker will tell you, be selfless. It’s not what that connection can do for you but what you can do for them so reach out to remind them you’re thinking about them during the busiest time of the year (if you’re in accounting, the second busiest time of the year). Never underestimate the power of a simple “Happy Holidays & All the Best in 2012!”, we promise it will go a long way.

Alternative methods to keep you connected this time of year could be e-cards, paper cards, a small token of appreciation (everyone loves chocolate) or even if you have zero time, a short and sweet “Merry Christmakkah” email. It’s not the size of the message but the thought of the message itself that will go a long way in solidifying that professional relationship and leave you fresh in their mind all season long. Not to mention they’ll know you are a networking pro for reaching out to them before they had a chance to reach out to you.

So, from the bottom of our YWiB-y hearts….

~ Wishing You Happiest of Holidays & the Greatest Success in the Year to Come!!