in the mind of...demi

The story begins on a rainy night.  (Actually, I have no true recollection of the weather status of that particular night, but it's Vancouver, so rainy is a fair guess.) My sister had told me about a meeting with about a bunch of girls wanting to do something crazy that involves empowerment of women and business and such.  I decided to join - well, why not?  She really wasn't too clear on the description of what the topic is, but that's OK, because NJ Thompson and Claire Frazer announced their vision loud and clear, and I was sold.

Of course, I had many skeptical moments.  I am rather cynical and frankly, not a fan of pink (slowly converting though).  Working with YWiB constantly means radical ideas that are seemingly impossible to pull off, but that is exactly YWiB's magic.  There are a million causes in this world to volunteer one's time to, and there are plenty of intelligent people to work with and learn from, but not all organizations will have the same spirit that YWiB has, and that is the reason why I am proud to be a YWiB girl.

Someone told me that Power is the ability to control scarce resources.  I wish to dispute that and say that Power is the ability to effectively utilize boundless resources.  Resources today are no longer scarce and limited; and more importantly, it no longer only means oil or coal, the most valuable resources now are knowledge and information.

The thing I love about YWiB is its ability to really connect ladies with these resources in a way that makes sense and is not overwhelming.

Don't believe me?  Try us on and find out. ;)

Cheers, -D