in the mind of...demi

I think everyone has a love hate relationship with their hometown.  In a sense, it's like family.  Someone you know so well that you know everything that is good about it, but all the annoying little points as well.  Vancouver is not quite my hometown though, so I can only say I like it. For me, I was brought up in Richmond, a place which I have a true love-hate relationship with.  So allow me to share with you "my perfect day in Richmond". The perfect day will start with a genuinely hot shower, normally, "hot" meant however hot the water possibly could be after the 4 other women in my house have taken their turns with it.  The weather will be surprisingly sunny but perfectly breezy, a 30/365 chance of that happening in Vancouver, given the incessant rain.

My baby (car), will be waiting for me in the garage and I'll pull him out of the driveway (that's right! We have driveways and not alleys!) making sure I don't kill any of my grandma's plants. A short drive will take me right by the riverside, perfect place to park and read.  An hour of reading will probably make my stomach start growling, so I'll venture my way to Richmond's "city centre".  When I say venture, I really mean it.  Don't think for one second that all those bad Asian driver jokes are mean and exaggerated.

After narrowly escaping death, or at least getting crashed into two or three times, I will have arrived at one of many Chinese malls and found something suitably cheap and delicious in the food court to be my lunch.

By now my friends will probably be off work or school or whatever they're doing, and we'll take a hike around one of many trails in Richmond. Of course, we'll be fully aware of our severe hay fever but actively ignoring the fact until we really cannot sneeze one more time without feeling the whiplash.

Dinner will be had at the most representative type of cuisine for Richmonders - the bubbletea place. I solemnly swear, that besides Taiwan, there is no place on earth with better bbt than good ol' Richmond.

With considerably little nightlife to choose from, we're almost bound to end up either at someone's house watching TV, or at the best movie theatre in the world - Silvercity.  The place will likely not be packed and people from 6 rows down can probably hear us laugh at some cheesy line at the latest chickflick that definitely wasn't worth the money.

By the end of the movie, we'll all be tired out and will each head back to our respective houses that may or may not be next to a suspiciously neighbour-less house.

Maybe it all sounds a little boring, but every time I set out for a "perfect day", something different always happens.  Maybe I'll have a random conversation with a stranger, maybe a seagull will try to take my pizza. When it comes down to it though, perfection is not in how little conditions vary from its most desired state; but rather, the unpredictable events which pleasantly surprises that establishes a day as perfect.

Cheers, -D