join the {r}evolution on June 13th!

meet Kristin and Shannon- they are kind of awesome... they are travelers, adventurers, kitchen-table philosophers, and they believe that every purchase they make makes an impact on the world. They met traveling in Australia and continued on to Central America in 2010 with no set plans, but an idea- a fashionable, minimalist clothing line for female travelers. Since then, they successfully completed one of the highest-funded fashion campaigns in Kickstarter history and launched {r}evolution apparel! How did they do it? Watch this short video to see their exciting and revolutionary idea come to life:

YWiB loves (loves!!) to share the stories of success young female entrepreneurs and we were so hooked on what {r}evolution apparel stands for that when we heard they were going on a cross-country tour in America to spark conversations, we couldn't help ourselves so... we invited them to Vancouver!!

That's right- we're sooo excited to share that we will be hosting the {r} team in Vancouver in just a few weeks! We're having a bit of fun with the event and hosting a mini fashion show night with Vancouver's very own Malene Grotrian- a fashion woman extraordinaire, who integrates values of minimalism and sustainability into the creation of her clothing.

check out all the details for the event here - we can't wait to see you & spread the {r} story!