meet our Beyond Pink 2012 co-chairs!!

we're so excited to share that our new co-chairs for Beyond Pink 2012 are.... Janelle Chung & Iva Gatcheva! 

this phenomenal duo comes from two different backgrounds- Iva completed her Bachelor of Arts at McGill, majoring in Political Science and English Literature. Since then, she's been the Project Coordinator for TED Conferences, webmaster for Y.E.S., and worked with the department director at the Engineering Student services.  Janelle is finishing her Bachelors of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience with a minor in Commerce. Last year she co-chaired the Beyond the Bsc. Conference (inspired by her time at BP2010), coordinated a 3-Course Connection Dinner conference, and interned at the Burnaby Mental Health and Addiction Clinic.

As part of the application process, we asked each applicant to submit a "creative" piece. We loved the ones these girls came up with! Janelle showed off her creativity & tech skills by creating a BP2012 Inspiration Board on Pinterest, and Iva wow-ed us with her hidden poetic skills by writing a poem about BP2012!

We also asked the girls to fill out the YWiB {my story} and we loved some of their answers and could tell right away, they would get along! Check out some of their answers below.

Q: what is your retreat?

A: snowshoeing at a North Shore Mountain (Janelle) | a mountain hike and crisp air any day (Iva)

Q: childhood ambition?

A: to learn how to fly (Iva) | to be a physicist (Janelle)

we're incredibly excited to welcome Janelle & Iva to the team and we know they will bring back the magic and make Beyond Pink 2012 full of surprises! if you're interested in getting involved, keep your eyes on our blog- opportunities to join their team and lend a hand with BP2012 will be posted in a few short weeks!