my {YWiB} story - member highlight: Christina Low

name| christina lowsocial| twitter: @christinal159 email|

why YWiB| i applied for a marketing manager position at ywib in november 2011 with the intent of flexing my creative muscle in a way that gives back to the community and would help me meet inspiring women in my own city.  so far, so good!

childhood ambition| to be some sort of michael/janet jackson hybrid.

my home| burnaby, bc.

wildest dream| to be a guest on ellen.

proudest moment|  graduating from university.

biggest challenge| to push myself past my comfort zone.

favorite quote| "you see, there's something else i'm going to do - only i don't know what it is. all I know is this isn't it for me." - john lennon.

inspiration| my parents, my big brother, chaos, kindness.