New partnership announcement!

YWiB is thrilled to be working with YouTube's lovely Angela Jung, better known as yellowrainbootz! Watch for Angela and her signature bootz at Beyond Pink. Don't be shy if she asks for an interview!

Angela Jung has aspired to become a broadcaster since she was in elementary school. Tired of aspiring but not being, she started her YouTube channel, yellowrainbootz, in Febuary 2010. Since then, she has interviewed random strangers of Metro Vancouver; Canadian gold medalist, John Montgomery; Canadian Olympian, Melissa Hollingsworth; Canadian musicians, Chin Injeti and The Boombox Saints; and YouTube sensation, Timothy DeLaGhetto.

If you ever see Angela parading with her microphone and yellowrainbootz, she may ask you to be her next interviewee. Don't be a stranger, and let her interrogate you!

To get in touch with her, visit