The Countdown to Beyond Pink 2010

With less than a week left to Beyond Pink, you wouldn't believe the amount of emails that have been flying back and forth between the different teams in place to make BP2010 a reality. If you bump into of the BP organization team next weekend, just ask them how many emails and calls they get a day to make sure that the conference is running smoothly... and be prepared to be amazed. Based on some of the feedback from last year, the biggest thing we found was the young women who walked away feeling like they have learnt the most, were the ones who had given the conference some though before attending and had create a few meaningful relationships and connections that could help them in their personal journey. Sometimes being in a conference setting with that many people and schedules being thrown at you can be really overwhelming, so here's three tips to get the most out of the upcoming weekend:

1) Write like no one's watching

Write, write, write. Write down what you discover, what you can share, what you want to learn. Write what inspires you and contacts names and numbers. Write about each workshop that you attend, but sometimes, it's easy to forget everything you have learnt when jumping from one session to the next!

2) What is are your intentions

Have you thought about what you actually want to learn from this conference? Why are you there? What are your intentions.. is it to create connections? To learn more about yourself? To challenge yourself? When you think about these things, think about it in the context of: when the conference is over, what would be that one thing that I can walk away telling people I was proud to have accomplished.

And on that note, don't be selfish, and share as much as possible.

3) Define your brand and mark

The theme of the conference is "Make your Brand, Leave your Mark". Think about what it means to you, to have a brand and how it relates to your values and life. We're looking forward to getting to know as many brands as possible!

Also, do you know that if you can't attend the whole conference, BP is selling ticket for the Gala AND tradeshow seperately for much less? That's how badly we want you to attend.. even if it means you just being there for a small portion. Check it out here!