Why we love entrepreneurship

This month is all about new beginnings and entrepreneurship and we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the start of a new school year, the beginning of fall and simply a month where we have been inspired by the people around us. One particular group stood out above the rest with their ability to power through obstacles, commit their lives to what they are passionate about and, in the words of Nike, just do it! They’re the entrepreneurs. The visionaries. The changemakers.

I recently watched this short, amazing little video that got me thinking about the strength it takes to do something that they truly are passionate about and follow through with it. There are so many people who have stood up to do something different, despite being rejected, denied, and ridiculed.

BUT, the world is changing.  We’ve changed our minds about what it means to innovate.  We’ve opened our minds to new ideas – we embrace them, accept them, even crave them.  So while this video got me thinking…I’m happy that the stories that will be told about our time will be different.

So to all the entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs-to-be, thank you for forging the way, making change, and teaching the world to celebrate change.