YWiB in action at FWE's Garden Party

Written by Harveen Nijjar

On June 26 the Ladies in Pink program sent out our team to volunteer at the sold out annual Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) garden party.  The event hosted 300 successful entrepreneurs at Vancouver Art Gallery's roof top.  Adah and Lisa went as volunteers representing YWiB.   They had the opportunity to interact with some amazing women while supporting FWE and  building great connections.

Adah and Lisa spent their time overseeing registration and escorting guests to the roof top.  They had the opportunity to engage in conversation with some influential entrepreneurs of our  community while riding up the elevator.  In addition to their initial conversations they were able to continue mingling in the event after their duties had been completed.

When asking Adah what her favorite part of the evening was she said and I quote "feeling the excitement and energy from all of the guests and the FWE hosts".  Despite her part taking in a small role, Adah was a major contributor to the success of the event.  Lisa said her favorite part of the event was  seeing so many people supporting the event  which made her feel happy that she contributed to a great cause.

This is what the Program Manager at FWE, Ashlee Conery, had to say about our lovely Ladies in Pink:

"YWiB volunteers are a dependable & professional bunch who bring great personality to every event they offer their service too. You can be sure that every guest that comes into contact with a YWiB volunteer to ask a question or find guidance, will be met with the service you yourself would provide.  YWiB engages the overachievers and the activators, who are committed to being knowledgeable, positive, and professional!

The event was a huge success and our Ladies in Pink left the event with some invaluable connections and the realization that they have so many more opportunities to explore.