#YWiBbtgc: Meet Dr. Alexandra Greenhill

Beyond the Glass Ceiling panel event is back again, and this year’s theme focuses on Women and Innovation. We sit with top tier panelists from Vancouver who have live and breathe innovation. Who are these incredible businesswomen? Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to…


Dr. Alexandra Greenhill

Founder of MyBestHelper.com


Alexandra T. Greenhill is an award winning health leader and tech CEO, who believes entrepreneurship is the answer to the greatest issues today. Dr. Greenhill sought to solve one of those issues by founding MyBestHelper.com, an app and website that connect “helper” workers to the people who need them. What are “helpers”? Greenhill’s app includes nannies, childcare workers, housesitters and keepers, senior caregivers, petcare giver and even tutors. In a realm where personal references and word of mouth only connect you to so many people, Dr. Greenhill sought to make these people more accessible to seeking employers. Much like online dating, MyBestHelper.com provides an easy way to discover and vet multiple candidates.

This new approach to caregivers clearly met a real need as it has caught on and been adopted throughout the Pacific Northwest and won 1st place winner Startup Weekend Vancouver 2011, 3rd place in New Ventures BC 2012 and one of 20 BC Emerging Ready to Rocket 2014 and 2015 company as well as Deloitte Fast 50 BC finalist.

How did Greenhill come up with this solution? How much as the online industry changed since she started and what kind of innovativeness is keeping her ahead of the game?

Hear the answers to these and more at YWiB Vancouver’s Beyond the Glass Ceiling panel and networking session on Thursday, September 17th.

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Check MyBestHelper.com out here! https://www.mybesthelper.com/