#YWiBbtgc: Meet Ella Jotie

Beyond the Glass Ceiling panel event is back again, and this year’s theme focuses on Emerging Industries. We sit with top tier panelists from Vancouver who are sharing their entrepreneurial story.

Meet Ella Jotie, co-founder of Barre Fitness. Here's her YWiB story:


my name  |  Ella Jotie

my company  |  Barre Fitness

childhood ambition  |  I always wanted to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson.

fondest memory  | My fondest memory would have to be sitting atop a sand dune in the desert of Dubai, en route to a show in Kabul, and realizing just how vast the universe really is.

proudest moment  |  When the Barre Fitness team won the award for Top Training Partner at the Workout to Conquer Cancer in 2015.  In that moment all of my dreams for building a business were realized and it was a true reflection of our company’s core values!

biggest challenge  |  Opening Barre Fitness with no experience and even less money!

keeps me up at night  |   Work. Ha! I’m constantly thinking about how to create a better experience for my clients and staff.

how I give back  |  Through Barre Fitness’ Raise the Barre program

perfect day  |   My perfect day is spent with the ones I love the most and always includes teaching a class, because that is my happy place.

first job  |   Newspaper delivery girl. Age 10

favourite quote  |  I have two.

“We should consider everyday lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Nietzsche

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

inspiration |  My clients are my biggest inspiration. Their energy and commitment to themselves day in and day out motivate me to do the same for myself and build a better Barre for them.