Testimonials from the first CampusCEO

The first installment of the CampusCEO program wrapped up on May 4th, with Dragon's Den style presentations taking place next week.  The girls presented some excellent and innovative business ideas. As the first program wraps up (and not to worry, there will be another) we've asked the girls to share some of their thoughts on the program, the classes, and Chris Flett himself:

No classroom theories here. Chris has valuable knowledge stemming from real experience in business. CampusCEO is a chance to learn something useful and work with some great ladies. I would recommend this group to students of all faculties. Cheers, Kristen

Campus CEO has definitely sparked my interest and demonstrated the value of entrepreneurship. As a teacher, Chris Flett is extremely engaging and delivers straight to the point lessons, equipping you with all the necessary steps and thought processes required in order to run a successful business. Through a number of group activities and competitions I also had the privilege of working with and getting to know an inspiring and energetic group of girls! Thanks for all your hard work and such a great experience with Campus CEO! Katie Hensrud

Forget Entrepreneurship 101 - this course will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Participation in Campus CEO will push you ahead of your current game, whether you're a business rookie or a start-up specialist. For me, being only start-up curious, Campus CEO served as the perfect introduction to how entrepreneurs succeed in Vancouver and beyond. With the aid of resources from Chris Flett and Ghost CEO, there was a wealth of knowledge readily available and I found answers to all the questions I posed. I certainly gained significant value from participation and would definitely go back for another round. Marina Walker

Beyond blunt is what defines a lecture on entrepreneurship from Chris Flett. Over the past five months Chris encouraged us ladies to see beyond the fancy frills and bureaucratic nonsense of business and instead asked us to explore the possibilities of pursuing business opportunities GHOSTCEO style. Enlightened with simplified steps to develop profitable models and turn them into real business ventures, CAMPUSCEO is a fantastic crash course for young women in business to get more than one step ahead of their competition. Brittany Kuthmann

CampusCEO has been truly inspirational! Chris Flett has taught me so much in such a short little time, so thank-you. Also to all the wonderful and talented ladies that I have met through this experience it has been a pleasure! Cheers, Anja Gross