My Campus CEO Experience

Wow, I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to participate in Campus CEO.  Chris Flett truly is a business genius and the fact that he has been willing to personally train us has been an incredible experience.  Chris is a gutsy, bold, intelligent and  riveting speaker who keeps you at the edge during endless 'aha' moments.  I like to refer to him as the Simon Cowell of business - the guy who everyone respects because he says what no one is willing to say.  For this reason, the class has been hugely motivating, scary, life changing, and pattern breaking.  The class has challenged my 'nice girl' mentality by showing how we ladies need to be assertive in business-- and how it is actually appreciated in the business community.  I cannot say enough about the Campus CEO program and I would recommend that any young woman attend. It is an absolute steal to attend this course for only the cost of a YWiB membership and will change the way one views being in business forever.  Thanks for everything Tara and Chris!