happy birthday to me...today I am 3!

Grab corkscrew. Open red wine. Pour. Raise glass. Begin toast… Wow. It’s been three years since YWiB was an idea being shared amongst girlfriends. It’s been three years since YWiB supporter Fiona Walsh told Paulina we were “f***ing crazy” for attempting to organize Beyond Pink 2008 in just three months (which we did). It’s been three years since we began our journey to support young women in Vancouver. And what an incredible three years it’s been.

As we prepare to celebrate YWiB’s third birthday party on May 4th (which coincidentally happens to be my 23rd birthday), I thought I’d take the time to highlight a few of our favourite moments, complete with photos. They are in no particular order, so ignore the numbers, they don't mean anything.

1. what I need help with?/what can I help you with boards from BP08

These boards made their first appearance at BP08 and have been a staple at every conference following.  We LOVE that they allow women from all backgrounds, ages, areas of interest, to connect with each other – after all, isn’t that what women do best? Connect and share and support each other.

2. la famiglia YWiB

The YWiB family. Enough said. This inspiring team of women re-grouped after Beyond Pink 2008 to define the network’s future and forge the way for more young women to get involved. Much love, long nights, and bottles of wine have been shared brainstorming ideas and planning the events and programs for the organization.

3. tough love and inspiring conversations


Exploring Purple, where pink meets blue. The rebuttal to the all-male panel session was by far a fan-favourite of all our events. We still find ourselves quoting Chris Flett, “if you’re going to cry, go to the women’s room – it’s what it’s for”. Or being inspired by Cybele Negris who said, “You may be passionate about tea, but that doesn’t mean that you have to run a tea store. Maybe you’re not passionate about serving tea. You have to be passionate about what you do everyday.” What are some of your favourite qotes? Send them in!

4. What we fondly refer to as the “YWiB Magic”

That little something that’s different that makes the event, evening or interaction special. No stuffy atmospheres or stiff formalities. With us, you’re family. My favourite? The live artists that served as “decorations” at the Connect! Women in Business Tradeshow at Beyond Pink 2008. They had so much fun painting in the large ballroom and we had fun watching them as we passed by on our way to network with the next entrepreneur. Just one of many magical moments.

5. our amazing supporters.

How could we have possibly done this without you? Whether it was a harsh kick in the a** to get us moving, or inspirational words to keep us moving, or a new idea we hadn’t thought of, our supporters have been our rock (or rocks?) that we have relied on for so much. We are so grateful and no corny hallmark card poem can ever express how indebted we feel to our biggest supporters. Much love to you all.

-       Judy Brooks

-       Heather White

-       Bob Elton

-       Maili Wong

-       Frieda Granot

-       Michelle Pokey

-       …and so many others who have given their time as speakers, advisors or sounding boards, thank you!

see you on may 4th!

xo marica