in the mind of... marica

an eager beaver Ask me what the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are? Now ask me where I learned them?

No. Not in the classroom. And no, this isn’t a stab at the teaching at UBC; in fact I’ve enjoyed my classes so far and admire and appreciate many of my professors.

This is about the other kind of education that is imperative to discover before graduating university and moving on into the real world; the practical education that I find I use much more often than the classroom knowledge. What I’m talking about is the skills gained through getting involved.

I’m a bit of an eager beaver and have been involved in extracurricular clubs and activities since high school. It’s through these clubs that I’ve learned how to communicate and collaborate with others and to solve problems outside of a math equation. I’ve learned to be accountable not only to myself, but to others, and I've learned the meaning and importance of teamwork. These are just a few, and these are the practical skills required in the workplace – the real world.

This is why one of YWiB’s pillars is education. YWiB strives to enhance the education that young women accomplish at school with a practical component. YWiB offers many opportunities to get involved whether at university, through the new internship program, or as a member. It is also why we hold a variety of events throughout the year, all with different topics, but all geared towards the same end goal – to give young women additional tools and skills to advance in the workplace and to achieve success on their own terms.

What are you doing to enhance your education? How can you further develop your own skill set? How does YWiB fit into your equation and how can we help you build your story?

Chat again next week!