in the mind of... paulina

I have to start off by saying… this blog post was A LOT harder for me to write than I thought it would be! Not because it’s a blog post, but because of the topic we chose: What does YWiB mean to you?

I thought about it hard. The first word that comes to my mind is: everything. I’ve been involved with YWiB since before it was what it is today, I’ve seen it s great success and tremendous impact it has, and I have also seen the lowest point of its existence- well, really, the brink of non-existence.

The journey I’ve had with this organization has been tremendously humbling and, thus far in my, albeit not very long yet, career, the single greatest learning experience I have ever had. If I can tell you anything about what YWiB has taught me, is that everything is exactly what you make of it. That applies to any life experience or anything you ever get involved with. You have the incredible opportunity to make an impact wherever you are, and it is your attitude and your willingness to continuously challenge yourself to learn and grow that will make you stand out and achieve your own success. Every time you join a new initiative or start a new relationship, you stand at the crossroads of making it great and rewarding, or… I challenge you to never follow the “or” path.

On the organizational level, YWiB is the intersection between your best girlfriend and your mom. It can help you grow, provide you with the resources to help you with your unique challenges, and allows you to be involved with the organization itself through internship and volunteer opportunities. We open up our resources and connect you with exceptional leaders in the community in the hopes of getting to know your story and seeing your dreams come true.

On a personal level, YWiB has allowed me to build truly powerful connections with ladies I am inspired by every day. The YWiB team (around 50 team members right now!) has the potential to truly change the world through their excitement, passionate pursuance of their goals, and extremely kind and generous hearts. I’m beyond honored to work with them and be able to call them my friends. A girl can only be so lucky!

To those I have already met through YWiB: a tremendous thank you. To those I have not yet had the incredible pleasure to meet: please introduce yourself! We’d love to hear from you and see how YWiB can help build your story…

All my best,