in the mind of... anne-marie

We sat down with our fabulous and creative graphic designer, Anne-Marie Leong, and asked her to share her story with us. Thank you for all of your hard work AM- we're so glad to have you on the team!! my name: Anne-Marie Gar Wai Leong

my company: Maïse Design

my graduate: Emily Carr University

childhood ambition: being a dreamer of dreams

fondest memory: waking up to the smell of mom’s homemade French toast

retreat: camping with a whole bunch from the youth organization that I volunteer at

wildest dream: traveling the world while discovering cultures and myself

proudest moment: seeing the youth from an organization that I volunteer at graduate… from middle school to high school and now as they enter university pursuing their career is my proudest moment. I love seeing the people around me succeed and going farther than where I have

award: Applied Arts magazine, student packaging award category 2007

biggest challenge: balancing work and play

keeps me up at night: a great cup of tea or coffee and seeing the formation of the project come into completion

how I give back: helping out the people around me and the people that require my help as much as possible… whether it is design related or just manual labor, I enjoy spending time with people

perfect day: on a breezy warm day, enjoying a glass of wine or coffee out by the harbor with either friends or family

first job: waitressing at a restaurant

favourite quote: He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliot

inspiration: new experiences and meeting people, but most importantly my family