In the mind of...marica

My first blog. Ever. You’d think this would be easier since it’s supposed to be an introduction to me and how my YWiB story started – and I’m great at talking about myself, ask…well, anyone. It all started at a late night JDC West 2008 meeting – it was going so late because we were all trying to select our ‘team song’. NJ Thompson pulled me aside and told me that I had to be at a very exciting information/idea meeting the following week.

So I went.

And that was it, I was in.

I believe so strongly in the vision of YWiB and the dream of empowering women everywhere with the tools to achieve success in whatever it is that they wish to accomplish. I know that much of my personal growth is attributed to YWiB – the lessons from both working on the team and from participating in events.

My favourite YWiB memories are from working on the Connect! Tradeshow last year. The five Tradeshow Girls decided the best working meetings were best left for sleepovers – and we had many. I believe that the friendships and relationships that have developed and grown through YWiB are just as valuable as the lessons learned from attending events.

Facing the big question marks in life with women in the same situations is just a part of what YWiB is about and what this blog will be about.

Chat again next week!