in the mind of...demi

Teams. I've been lying on my bed all day today.  As fate would have it, once again I could not avoid the annual fever.  For the past 3 years that I have visited Hong Kong I always end up with some sort of severe flu or infection.  At least it's not swine flu!

OK, so far, this isn't relevant to the fundamental pillars of YWiB, let me get to it.  I am an incredibly needy person when I am sick, and at the moment, I am living by myself somewhere in the middle of Hong Kong with no solid foods in my flat except for 3 pieces of rather dry sliced bread.

Which leads me to think - how great it is to have a team.

Humans are social animals, especially women, who are genetically disposed to prefer making connections and working in groups.  One of the things that YWiB does is connect people, and one of our fundamental pillars is the concept of a team.

In commerce, we learn that the most important thing is networking.  The simplified version is to go to events and retain as many business cards as possible (I know, I know, it's actually more work than that).  I am not bad at getting the cards, but I am horrendous at staying in touch.  Attending YWiB events feels more like team building.  After I get the cards of these fabulous women, even if I haven't emailed them back after the initial "thanks for coming/speaking", I feel more comfortable in getting in touch again.  I think it's because we all essentially share a common goal to change the world by the power of women. Even with members or attendees of the events, I feel so much more at ease in introducing myself (note: I am extremely socially awkward).

Networking is important, you can learn of opportunities and information you would otherwise not be able to attain.  This may sound superficial, but it is essential to self-advancement. Teams though, they support each other in times of need.  When one is down, the others immediately step up without grand expectations of something in return.  When someone has a great idea, the rest to support it (or if its not actually that great, then bash it) without calculating "how can this benefit me?"

There are many good reasons to become part of a team: multiplied resources, sharing experiences, avenues of knowledge, momentum for change, etc.  Or sometimes, it's just nice to have people give you snaps because you bought a cute sweater the other day - and that's just one of many things YWiB girls are always good for. =)

Cheers, -D