involvement opportunity: Beyond Pink 2013 co-chair

the story the inaugural Beyond Pink was launched in 2008 and has remained a staple of YWiB’s event repertoire since then. we’re so excited to be bringing another year of the conference in the fall of 2013 and we’re looking for two highly motivated, eagerly excited, and overall phenomenal young women to create & execute YWiB’s vision of the conference and make 2013 another great year!


each year, Beyond Pink has a unique theme that underlies the program offering, as well as some legacy components that continue every year. some of these highlights include:

  • Power Couple Panel Session, All-Male Panel Session
  • Entrepreneurship Story Tradeshow
  • Mentorship Lunch / Dinner
  • Case Competition
  • Morning Yoga
  • Intimate CEO workshops
  • Networking Brunch
  • Silent Auction and Gala Dinner
  • Keynote Sessions
  • Global Café
  • Night Events


the past

for detailed info on the past 3 years, including list of speakers, see:


the what

every year, we look to bring back some of the BP favourites and add new components to the program. Each year, we like to take a look at the structure we’ve been using in the past and ask the hard questions of whether we’re bringing the best value to our members & attendees and how we can make it an even more impactful conference. As such, the role of co-chair is two part:

work with YWiB directors to create the BP 2013 vision, including:

  • researching other leadership and development conference to find the best of the best ideas
  • doing some fun ideation and brainstorming with the YWiB community to really understand what members want out of the conference
  • engaging the Vancouver community in envisioning an inclusive and collaborative event
  • creating a theme to support the vision

executing on the vision for BP 2013, which includes:

  • hiring a team of volunteers for specific team roles
  • developing the conference program
  • setting milestones, timelines, goals and key impact metrics for the conference outcomes to focus around
  • executing the logistics (venue, date confirmation, external bookings)
  • securing speakers, mentors, exhibitors, etc
  • media and press for the event
  • setting fundraising goals (through Gala, corporate sponsorship, donations, etc)
  • selling out BP 2013 and making it a phenomenal conference!


the who

from past experience we know that working together is always more fun and two brains are better than one J! as such, we’re looking for two young women to fill the co chair positions. At YWiB, we’re huge believers in hiring passion & teaching skill. Based on that, the right candidate for this role would:

  • be extremely excited for, and passionate about, YWiB’s mission & vision
  • be eager to create a conference for young women that becomes THE conference for young women
  • wants to work with the phenomenal team of YWiB directors and wants to become a leader of their own BP executive team
  • is up for the challenge of asking the hard questions to create a great vision
  • is comfortable with the unknown and unexpected
  • has some experience planning events (conference, friend’s birthdays, Euro trips, you name it)
  • can handle a balance of high level vision setting and then executing goals like it’s nobody else’s business


the when

we want to bring on two dream-team-high-fiving-rockstars for March 2013. That being said, we care more about who you are than any number so if it takes longer, c’est la vie! We’d like to spend 1.5 months with you creating the vision and goals of the conference and after that, we’ll let you create the magic and bring a team on board and rock on from there! Of course, we’ll be here supporting you along the way and will always be ready to answer a question, provide names and ideas, and have fun together.


let’s do this!

  1. tell  someone you’re going to apply – external accountability helps you stay on track AND share some excitement together
  2. send us an email to titled “I want to make the magic of BP 2013 happen”
  3. include:
    1. a filled out “my {YWiB} story”
    2. a cover letter sharing your excitement & belief in YWiB, BP, and why YOU are the perfect person for the role
    3. a resume (does not have to be the traditional resume, it can be a portfolio, video, etc) that will show us a bit about who you are, what your journey has been, what you’ve learned over the years, and what projects you’ve engaged with in the past
    4. names of 3 people you’ve worked with that we can ask about what kind of a person you are
    5. a creative surprise for us (we’d give you examples, but then they wouldn’t really be a surprise… we’d love to see your creativity & thoughtfulness and have it include part of your vision or impactful ideas for BP)
    6. click send by March 8th 2013
    7. high five the person you told you were going to apply- you did it!



send us any questions you have to