involvement opportunity: Events Rockstar

come join our awesome team and build our story We have lots of fun at YWiB and one of the main things we do is put on awesome events. They range from our annual conference, Beyond Pink, to panel sessions, networking evenings, educational workshops and speaker sessions.


the what

You get to join the YWiB team and CREATE. As events rockstar, you will be part of our brainstorming & ideation sessions, and then take our dreams & goals and create a schedule events for the year that will reflect  our vision.

Your every-day would include:

  • Ideating event themes and calendar for the year with the team
  • Running the show- you’ll get to create & produce the events to reflect YWiB’s values and align with our members needs
  • We’ll be hooking you up with a great team and mentors to accelerate your growth and work with you to grow your leadership capacity with the team
  • Occasional team high fives & hugs

This position will entail about 3-6 hours per week depending on events and projects.


the who

from past experience we know that working together is always more fun – by accepting this position, you will be joining the awesome YWiB team, as well as working with an events team! At YWiB, we’re huge believers in hiring passion & teaching skill. Based on that, the right candidate for this role would:

  • be extremely excited for, and passionate about, YWiB’s mission & vision
  • be eager to create events around our values and vision for education & growth
  • wants to work with the phenomenal team of YWiB directors and wants to become a leader with the organization
  • has some experience planning events (conference, friend’s birthdays, Euro trips, you name it)


let’s do this!

  1. tell  someone you’re going to apply – external accountability helps you stay on track AND share some excitement together
  2. send us an email to titled “I want to create the YWiB love”
  3. include:
    1. a filled out “my {YWiB} story
    2. a cover letter sharing your excitement & belief in YWiB  and why YOU!
    3. a resume (does not have to be the traditional resume, it can be a portfolio, video, etc)
    4. click send by March 8th 2013
    5. high five the person you told you were going to apply- you did it!


questions? send us any questions you have to