involvement opportunity: Communications Specialist

come join our awesome team and share our story We want to let everyone know how awesome YWiB is as well as to create a supportive and well connected YWiB community. You’ll be managing our marketing brand to community engagement strategy to online positing. Be prepared to put on your creative hat!


the what

We want to share YWiB’s awesome story and continue to grow our digital community. We want you to share our plans and our vision. Our marketing vision for the network is to empower women to grow and succeed while encouraging women to take control of their ‘story’.

Your every-day would include:

  • Keeping members informed and up-to-date with events within YWiB
  • Developing and implementing strategy for online presence – website, twitter, facebook
  • Designing branding, mail campaigns, market research, program launches, communications project and other promotional material
  • Occasional team high fives & hugs

This position will entail about 3-6 hours per week depending on events and projects.


the who

from past experience we know that working together is always more fun – by accepting this position, you will be joining the awesome YWiB team, as well as the current marketing team! At YWiB, we’re huge believers in hiring passion & teaching skill. Based on that, the right candidate for this role would:

  • be extremely excited for, and passionate about, YWiB’s mission & vision
  • be eager to create stories around our values and the incredible women in our community
  • wants to work with the phenomenal team of YWiB directors and wants to become a leader with the organization
  • is up for the challenge of asking the hard questions of how to create an awesome online community, that will facilitate offline relationships
  • has some experience using social media and community management tools


let’s do this!

  1. tell  someone you’re going to apply – external accountability helps you stay on track AND share some excitement together
  2. send us an email to titled “I want to share the YWiB love”
  3. include:
    1. a filled out “my {YWiB} story
    2. a cover letter sharing your excitement & belief in YWiB  and why YOU!
    3. a resume (does not have to be the traditional resume, it can be a portfolio, video, etc)
    4. click send by March 8th 2013
    5. high five the person you told you were going to apply- you did it!


questions? send us any questions you have to