What is your Place of Possibility (POP)?

I'm really excited to announce our March event in collaboration with another great organization, imagine1day. This event combines two beliefs that we hold dearly at YWiB: the ability to dream and to surround yourself with amazing people. So when the opportunity came around for us to have an event like this, it wasn't even a question of why we should have it, it was a question WHEN?!? ( yes, said outloud  in exclamation marks because POP is that awesome!)

POP (Place of Possibility) is a a series of events that has been happening since August 2010 that will empowered hundreds to people in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler to create their ideal 10-year vision and design powerful support for that vision through solid long and short term goal setting. The sessions are run by Adam Millard, Director of Development at imagine1day and he is a true POPstar.

Pen it down in your calender. March 24th. 6pm-8pm. Get ready to dream big. Get ready to know other incredible young women in this city. Get ready to create your Place of Possibility.

What are you waiting for? Register here! 100% proceeds go to imagine1day for building education in Ethiopia.


Imagine a room with 60 ambitious, driven and smart young women in Vancouver creating their ideal 10 year vision and having the opportunity to network with each other in a casual social setting after. These young women will be given a Place of Possibility aka. POP to design powerful support for that vision though solid long and short term goal setting.

What to expect at POP:

1. You will dream big.

You will be drawn into possibility to create a vision of your life 10 years from now, free of constraint.

2. You will make your dream reality.

You will learn how to design the next ten years of your life to ensure that you manifest your vision on time or earlier. You will learn how to set powerful goals based on a destination.

3. You will have a TON of fun.

You will have new insights into your life that will give you goosebumps.

4. You will know a brand new network.
You will leave knowing 59 other amazing young women in the city who will help you achieve your vision.
Possible side effects:
* You make important choices with ease * You have fun with the bumps in the road * You love every minute of your rad life
* 100% of proceeds is donated to imagine1day. Empower yourself. Check. Know other awesome young women. check. Help build an education system in Ethiopia. Check!
After party? Of course! We'll be heading over to Rogue Wet Bar for some drinks, appies, and some good old fashioned gettin-to-know-each-other!

POP YWiB is hosted by Adam Millard.

Adam Millard is our POPstar, fun facilitator extraordinaire and possibility expert. He dreamt up POP one summer evening, inspired by his upcoming Imagine Ethiopia trip this September 2010 with 17 other imagine1day creatributors.

Over the past three years, Adam has journeyed from goal setting beginner, goal setting trainer through his work as a manager at lululemon athletica, to a leader of powerful and effective vision and goal setting sessions for individuals, businesses, organizations, and groups from around the world.