What is your Place of Possibility (POP)?

I'm really excited to announce our March event in collaboration with another great organization, imagine1day. This event combines two beliefs that we hold dearly at YWiB: the ability to dream and to surround yourself with amazing people. So when the opportunity came around for us to have an event like this, it wasn't even a question of why we should have it, it was a question WHEN?!? ( yes, said outloud  in exclamation marks because POP is that awesome!)

POP (Place of Possibility) is a a series of events that has been happening since August 2010 that will empowered hundreds to people in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler to create their ideal 10-year vision and design powerful support for that vision through solid long and short term goal setting. The sessions are run by Adam Millard, Director of Development at imagine1day and he is a true POPstar.

Pen it down in your calender. March 24th. 6pm-8pm. Get ready to dream big. Get ready to know other incredible young women in this city. Get ready to create your Place of Possibility.

What are you waiting for? Register here! 100% proceeds go to imagine1day for building education in Ethiopia.


Imagine a room with 60 ambitious, driven and smart young women in Vancouver creating their ideal 10 year vision and having the opportunity to network with each other in a casual social setting after. These young women will be given a Place of Possibility aka. POP to design powerful support for that vision though solid long and short term goal setting.

What to expect at POP:

1. You will dream big.

You will be drawn into possibility to create a vision of your life 10 years from now, free of constraint.

2. You will make your dream reality.

You will learn how to design the next ten years of your life to ensure that you manifest your vision on time or earlier. You will learn how to set powerful goals based on a destination.

3. You will have a TON of fun.

You will have new insights into your life that will give you goosebumps.

4. You will know a brand new network.
You will leave knowing 59 other amazing young women in the city who will help you achieve your vision.
Possible side effects:
* You make important choices with ease * You have fun with the bumps in the road * You love every minute of your rad life
* 100% of proceeds is donated to imagine1day. Empower yourself. Check. Know other awesome young women. check. Help build an education system in Ethiopia. Check!
After party? Of course! We'll be heading over to Rogue Wet Bar for some drinks, appies, and some good old fashioned gettin-to-know-each-other!

POP YWiB is hosted by Adam Millard.

Adam Millard is our POPstar, fun facilitator extraordinaire and possibility expert. He dreamt up POP one summer evening, inspired by his upcoming Imagine Ethiopia trip this September 2010 with 17 other imagine1day creatributors.

Over the past three years, Adam has journeyed from goal setting beginner, goal setting trainer through his work as a manager at lululemon athletica, to a leader of powerful and effective vision and goal setting sessions for individuals, businesses, organizations, and groups from around the world.

All new world for women in business - Pink Coloured Glasses

Taken from the Vancouver Observer. If you haven't already checked out this amazing article on the Vancouver Observer, please do! Steph and Katie are both bright, ambitious and true trail blazers. Steph is part of the YWiB team as our Chaper development officer and Katie is part of our SFU team. Take a read!


Stephanie: The business world is evolving. Ambitious young women are kick-starting their careers with an insatiable drive and hunger to reach the top, eager and ready to make their mark on the world. We are a part of the next generation of emerging leaders that, in a few years time, will take the reins in molding the world around us.

Yes, we want to be industry experts that are called upon for decisions of great magnitude. Yes, we worry about being able to balance our personal aspirations with our ambition to reach the top. Yes, we do care about whether we wear the black patent leather pumps or the red power heels to the next big meeting (hey, we love fashion too!).

Through our column, we hope that you will gain a genuine understanding of the things that are important to us as aspiring young professionals, while learning, growing and exploring alongside us. We promise to be authentic, raw and open hearted. Join us – see the world as we see it, Through Pink Coloured Glasses.

Katie: We would like to begin by sharing some inspirational thoughts that we have come across recently, which have particularly resonated with us. The following is a compilation of quotes and videos that have fueled conversations and helped shape our individual outlooks on career goals, personal aspirations, and individual growth. We hope that these ideas can be equally as thought-provoking and inspiring for all of you, and that they will help introduce you to our opinions and perspectives.

Video #1 – Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs

S: Aimee Mullins is the epitome of the perfect woman – stunningly beautiful, articulate, athletic, intelligent, charismatic, and to top it all off, she boasts a dynamic personality and a great sense of humour. There is, however, one thing I forgot to mention: Aimee Mullins has no legs. In a compelling seminar for the TED2009 conference, Aimee explores the concept of beauty and ability, and redefines how society should identify those with physical barriers and challenges. Most importantly, Aimee reminds us that our perception of our own strength and ability is rooted from within.

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.”

– S. Kierkegaard

K: I stumbled upon this quote the other day, and it really left its mark on me. As an undergrad student, especially in a field like business where career options are as numerous as they are daunting, I feel that this message is an important one. To me, it’s about staying true to yourself, being confident in your abilities, and making a commitment to discovering and pursuing your true aspirations – regardless of how wildly impossible they may seem.

We are fortunate enough to be entering the workforce at a time when the word impossible seems to be heading towards extinction.

We have paper thin, powerful, handheld personal computers that serve as everything from a television, to a game console, to a personal office; women are making their way into the ‘C-suite’ (though this is certainly still a topic deserving of attention); and one of the most celebrated and controversial entrepreneurs of our generation created his fortune by connecting the world through a website.

The world is what we make of it – there are so many opportunities to do something great. However, we often get so caught up in the idea of “risk” that it paralyzes us from pursuing our passions. I recently attended a conference for the Young Women in Business (YWiB) network, and attended a workshop delivered by Ken Sim, co-founder of Nurse Next Door. He said something during his workshop that really stuck with me, which was that “there really is no risk in anything - worst case scenario, you can live in your parents’ basement”. Certainly everyone’s circumstances are different, and it’s important to plan, prepare, and assess ideas, but I think Mr. Sim has it right. We shouldn’t let the fear of failure hold us back from pursuing an opportunity – career or otherwise – that could be seriously satisfying. Consider it a dare.

Video #2 – Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

S: Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, pitches three ways she believes women can get to the top: sit at the table, make your partner a real partner, and don’t leave before you leave. My favourite message delivered through this talk is crystal clear: keep your foot on the gas pedal.

K: We hope that this compilation has served as an introduction to the two of us, as well as our attitudes and opinions. Before we sign off, we wanted to leave you with one more thought that really hit home with us, which is this:

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work”.

- Sister Mary Lauretta

Like many other young women, we’re still searching for this type of true love relationship. We hope that you’ll join us for some insightful conversation, advice, and ideas as we set out on a journey to find it.

Katie & Steph

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

2010 has been an incredible year for YWiB and we would like to take this holiday season and the New Year to thank each and every one of you who has supported us. We couldn't have accomplished anything without your support. Looking back at 2010, here's a highlight reel of a couple things that we have trailblazed (click through on the links to check out the events): - Awesome events including our Aritzia speaker session and Exploring Purple panel with phenomenal speakers

- SFU's second & even more successful SOUL mentorship program =)

- UBC's internship program, placing all interns!

- YWiB's very first GhostCEO with TWO winners [when there was only supposed to be one]

- The launch of SFU's GIVE program - with some fantastic partners

- UBC's first ever Downtown Career Tours

- Ladies in Pink storming events in Vancouver to volunteer!

- A brand spanking new website!

- Our THIRD Beyond Pink with inspirational keynotes and power couple panel

- SFU's super-power advisory board

- UBC's incredible cross-faculty relations

What a list indeed! Busy times indeed. We're ready for 2011 and looking forward to seeing all you young women at our events. As a teaser for what we have in store for 2011...here's a clue: have you heard about what's happening with YWiB at UVic yet? Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Hello 2011 and cheers to 2010! It's been a great year indeed!

Beyond Pink: Memories, lessons and development

Phew. 150 delegates, 8 workshops, 2 days, 1 power couple session & an abundance of inspirational knowledge later... Beyond Pink 2010 is done. The weekend has been a huge whirlwind and I think most of the team is still trying to catch their breath from it all!

If you didn't get a chance to attend Beyond Pink, here's some goodies from us to you. With love.

Video By Rick Chung: http://www.rickchung.com.

We also have pictures from our amazing photographer, Jeremy Limhttp://www.jeremylim.ca Check out his photo sets on Flickr to see if you can spot yourself!

In addition, here's a peek into one of the workshop speakers/YWiB Board member, Heather White.

Most of all, thank YOU so much: delegates, speakers, mentors, sponsors, exhibitors, advisors that made Beyond Pink a reality and such a memorable experience. The energy, the buzz and connections that were made from the weekend are invaluable and we're so so grateful to everyone that gave their time/effort/money to make it happen!

The Countdown to Beyond Pink 2010

With less than a week left to Beyond Pink, you wouldn't believe the amount of emails that have been flying back and forth between the different teams in place to make BP2010 a reality. If you bump into of the BP organization team next weekend, just ask them how many emails and calls they get a day to make sure that the conference is running smoothly... and be prepared to be amazed. Based on some of the feedback from last year, the biggest thing we found was the young women who walked away feeling like they have learnt the most, were the ones who had given the conference some though before attending and had create a few meaningful relationships and connections that could help them in their personal journey. Sometimes being in a conference setting with that many people and schedules being thrown at you can be really overwhelming, so here's three tips to get the most out of the upcoming weekend:

1) Write like no one's watching

Write, write, write. Write down what you discover, what you can share, what you want to learn. Write what inspires you and contacts names and numbers. Write about each workshop that you attend, but sometimes, it's easy to forget everything you have learnt when jumping from one session to the next!

2) What is are your intentions

Have you thought about what you actually want to learn from this conference? Why are you there? What are your intentions.. is it to create connections? To learn more about yourself? To challenge yourself? When you think about these things, think about it in the context of: when the conference is over, what would be that one thing that I can walk away telling people I was proud to have accomplished.

And on that note, don't be selfish, and share as much as possible.

3) Define your brand and mark

The theme of the conference is "Make your Brand, Leave your Mark". Think about what it means to you, to have a brand and how it relates to your values and life. We're looking forward to getting to know as many brands as possible!

Also, do you know that if you can't attend the whole conference, BP is selling ticket for the Gala AND tradeshow seperately for much less? That's how badly we want you to attend.. even if it means you just being there for a small portion. Check it out here!

New partnership announcement!

YWiB is thrilled to be working with YouTube's lovely Angela Jung, better known as yellowrainbootz! Watch for Angela and her signature bootz at Beyond Pink. Don't be shy if she asks for an interview!

Angela Jung has aspired to become a broadcaster since she was in elementary school. Tired of aspiring but not being, she started her YouTube channel, yellowrainbootz, in Febuary 2010. Since then, she has interviewed random strangers of Metro Vancouver; Canadian gold medalist, John Montgomery; Canadian Olympian, Melissa Hollingsworth; Canadian musicians, Chin Injeti and The Boombox Saints; and YouTube sensation, Timothy DeLaGhetto.

If you ever see Angela parading with her microphone and yellowrainbootz, she may ask you to be her next interviewee. Don't be a stranger, and let her interrogate you!

To get in touch with her, visit www.yellowrainbootz.com.